Does a Home Gym Boost Your House Price?


There has been a great deal of uncertainty in the housing market of late and everyone seems to be trying all the tricks and tips that they can to create equity or additional value in their homes. The latest discussion point has been whether the home gym trend will serve to increase your house price. This article provides some discussion as to the type of home gym that could indeed add value to your home and also looks at those home gyms that won’t add any value at all.

The Home Gym That Will

A homer gym that you intend to increase your home’s value must include:

Lighting and Ventilation: The home gyms that are seen to increase selling prices and are key to eliciting and keeping buyers interest are those that have good lighting and are well-ventilated. There has been a trend to convert any space, such as a basement or garage, into so-called home gyms. This is all good and well if you like the smell of sweat and a dark, dank gym, but most home buyers won’t see the value in this. Keep it well-lit and well-ventilated.

Professional Machines: A few weights, a rusty bench, and a punching bag do not a gym make. You will need to have some professional machines that are in good condition and not too well used. The range of Mirafit Cable Machines are great examples of the type of machines that a home buyer may be interested in. Therefore, it be that you need to invest in the space to see it add to your home’s value.

The Home Gym That Won’t

These are the home gym aspects that will not increase the value of your home:

Over-Personalization: A gym that has been set up around your own specific exercise needs may be great for you but may not be the type of encouragement a house buyer needs. If you have such a gym, then you can make a few changes. Remove all the ‘you’, and make it generic if you want it to be a notable selling point.

An Exercise Space That’s in the Way: A so-called home gym that takes up valuable living space or even a spare bedroom may not be what the buyers are after. The home gym in the garage may, for example, deter a buyer with another hobby or the need to park their vehicle inside and in a protected space. It may also change the rating of your home, reducing the number of bedrooms or living spaces and cancelling the benefits of a garage or basement.

A home gym is one of those home improvements that has the potential to increase the value of your home. However, this value will only be found in the mind of the buyer. A buyer who views exercise as a lifestyle choice, or who can live without the space that the gym occupies may all be willing to pay a little more, while others will not. It will also depend on the quality of the gym itself, as a gym in great condition and with a variety of exercise options will present as a motivational and aspirational space for many.


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