Gutter Guards: Why You Should Install Them

Also known as gutter covers, these accessories can help block clogging debris like leaves, twigs and pine needles from entering your gutter system. It can save you from many problems, such as clogged drains, roof erosion and mildew growth. Stagnant water and clogged gutters provide a breeding ground for pests. Gutter guards create a barrier between these unwanted guests and the roomy gutter below.

Prevents Pests

If you’re not careful, pests can be home in your gutters. Mice, squirrels, birds, and other rodents can build nests in them, and the debris they leave behind can hinder water flow and clog your gutters. Gutter guards prevent this by making your gutters less hospitable to pests. Gutter guards also can help protect your home from fire if you live in an area prone to brush fires. If embers from brushfires get trapped inside your gutters, they can ignite the dry leaves and pine needles that are in there. Gutter guards prevent this by reducing debris accumulation and as a physical barrier between these embers and your home’s gutters. Cleaning your gutters is crucial to maintain the integrity of your home’s foundation and landscape. However, by installing gutter guards Vancouver, you can avoid this hassle and the expensive damage from clogged and frozen drains.

Prevents Clogged Gutters

Gutter guards keep debris from clogging your gutter system, making maintaining your home’s exterior easier. It reduces the need for expensive cleaning sessions that involve climbing a ladder to remove gunk from your roof and gutters. They can also prevent costly damage to your foundation and other parts of your home from water that seeps into places it shouldn’t be. Many of these products feature a micro-mesh that removes leaves, pine needles, and dirt while allowing water to pass through. These meshes can be installed over existing gutters to create a new, maintenance-free system. To install these products, you must carefully examine and clean your gutters before installing the guards. You can hire professionals to do this work for you. Some guards include a built-in downspout that funnels rainwater away from your house. Others are designed to divert water in a way that won’t cause foundation problems or mold growth.

Prevents Ice Dams

Gutter guards help prevent ice dams by preventing debris buildup that can block water flow. These clogs often result in the formation of ice dams, which can be quite serious and may lead to costly home repairs such as foundation repair or gutter replacement. A quality gutter system funnels rainwater into troughs, downspouts and away from the house’s structure. However, this only works if the gutters stay free of debris. Debris, such as dried leaves and twigs, pine needles, animal droppings, and dirt, can all get into the gutters and block the flow of rainwater.

Thankfully, the best gutter guards, such as micro-mesh aluminum or steel bolted-on, can keep these materials out. In addition, these types of gutter guards are designed to be durable, especially in harsh winter climates. They are also easy to install, with manageable 4-foot sections that slide into place and can be taped or screwed on.

Makes Your Home More Appealing

Gutter guards keep leaves, twigs, pine needles and dirt out of your gutter system, allowing rainwater to pass through. They can also prevent birds and squirrels from building nests in your gutters, blocking water flow. They can also reduce your risk of health issues caused by mold and mildew, which often appear around the home in clogged gutters. These problems can be very uncomfortable for you and your family. Having a high-quality gutter system with guards can increase the value of your home, making it more appealing to potential buyers. People are more likely to buy a house with a functioning gutter system than one that needs plumbing and foundation work. Gutter guards can also make your house safer during brushfires and wildfires. When embers land in a clogged gutter, they can ignite and spread to the rest of your home. It may be avoided by maintaining clean gutters with gutter guards, which serve as a physical barrier between embers and debris.


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