5 House Plants for Rooms with Limited Natural Light

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Every room in the house should get as much natural light as possible. This can be done with strategically placed windows in as many rooms as possible. Natural light is even more important for rooms like the home office, living room, and bedroom.

But not everyone is lucky enough to get a lot of natural light in their house. Some people don’t even have enough windows to let natural light in. So, they have to rely on lamps even during the day.

Luckily, I have the solution for that. The solution is indoor plants or certain kinds of indoor plants to be precise. These plants can help brighten up rooms with limited natural light and even clean the air in the room. And since these plants can thrive even without enough light, they’re perfect for everyone.

Devil’s ivy

This plant with a cool name grows really well with or without light. Devil’s ivy can be grown in pots or vases of water. The plant will try to reach outside of its pot of vase, make sure to leave a little bit of space around it.

This trailing plant adds more excitement to the room and great for a dull room. You don’t have to water it daily. Just make sure you water it when the soil is dry.

Cast-iron plant

This plant can grow pretty big and would be great if you have enough space for it to grow. The cast-iron plant grows better the less light it gets. If the plant is exposed to light, the leaves would turn brown. Also, the less light it gets, the less often you need to water it.

Snake plant

If you’re looking for a plant that looks neat and tidy, you should get a snake plant. The snake plant is also one of the most durable and resilient indoor plants you can get. That’s why this plant is popular, and you can see it almost everywhere.

The snake plant loves low-light conditions and doesn’t need a lot of water. Remember that the snake plant is not compatible with cats and dogs, since it’s toxic to them. So, if you have cats or dogs in the house, you shouldn’t get this plant.

Marimo moss ball

Okay, so this one is a bit different. Marimo moss ball is a type of green algae that can grow underwater. To grow it you put it in a bowl of water just like a fish. The only maintenance you need to is replacing the water every two weeks.

Marimo moss ball is very resilient. It doesn’t need light at all. That makes it very easy to take care of even for people who never own a plant before. And the marimo moss ball is so cheap, you can get one for $5. You can also put two marimo moss balls in a bowl.

Red Aglaonema

Another cheap and easy-maintenance plant you can get is the red aglaonema. The plant has pretty green leaves with pink color on the edges. This is the perfect plant to get some colors in your room.

While this plant doesn’t need much light at all, it’s leaves will show more colors in brighter light. You can get this plant for around $11. Put it in a pot and water when the soil is dry.

Peace lily

If you’re looking for the most beautiful indoor plant that’s easy to take care of, you should get peace lily. Besides looking pretty, the peace lily can purify the air in the room.

Peace lily likes low to medium light, so don’t put it outside where it gets too much light. You can water the plant once a week. Too much water could be harmful to the plant.

Zanzibar gem

If you think you’re an irresponsible person and will feel bad about owning a plant in fear of neglecting it, try Zanzibar gem. This plant is famous for being indestructible and it looks nice as well.

Zanzibar gem doesn’t need light at all. Low light conditions aren’t a problem in the slightest for this plant. And even if you forgot to water it for a few weeks, you wouldn’t see any difference with the leaves and color.

Money tree

If you’re willing to spend more on a plant, a money tree is a great choice. I personally love the look of this plant, especially the braided tree trunk. It’s definitely unique and will look good in your house.

The plant is larger than most other indoor plants. Make sure you have enough space for it to grow. The money tree loves medium light conditions and will grow well as long as you water it occasionally.

Choose whichever plant you want

I choose these plants because you basically can’t go wrong with any of them. These plants look good, easy to take care of, and are beneficial for you.


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