How a Laser Coaching Program Can Transform Your Life

Laser coaching is a specialized technique and approach that promotes quick alignment, an immediate sense of relief, and a way of quickly unblocking someone who may have felt stuck in their thinking for a long time. It also accelerates results. It does not necessarily shorten the coaching time but makes each session more effective and efficient.

How it works

Laser coaching is a specific coaching technique that is designed to work in a very short period with the client on a very narrow, in-the-moment issue. This allows for a quick alignment, a shift in perspective, and unblocking of thinking patterns that have existed for a long time. During a laser coaching session, the coach will ask questions that help the client to explore their reality, the challenge, their goals, and what they need to do next. The client will also be asked to look at their behavior and beliefs to identify any unconscious blocks that need attention. The laser coaching process is not psychotherapy; it’s about identifying the more profound truth that can sometimes be uncomfortable or even painful. The saying “The truth will set you free” applies here. The laser coaching program is an excellent option for business owners looking for a practical, cost-effective way to support their employees. It allows everyone in your organization to participate in a coaching program without you having to hire an individual coach for each person. The sessions can be focused on personal or professional issues and are very flexible regarding what you want to cover during the coaching. The coaching sessions can occur at your office, remotely, or between.


If you are a coach or want to become one, this book will teach you how to create the most potent, results-driven coaching sessions possible. Learn to dig deep into your clients’ issues and get to the core of their problems by listening intently, probing deeper with thought-provoking questions, and letting them uncover their barriers and truths. This powerful approach will transform your ability to deliver a life-changing impact for your clients. You will learn how to identify and address the root of your client’s problems by listening for limiting ideas, such as the belief that they have no choice or few options or their inability to make a decision. Addressing these limiting ideas will help your clients change their perspective and move forward confidently. This laser-focused approach is ideal for coaches who have limited time and want to focus on delivering quick, targeted results. It allows you to spend less time planning and preparing and more time coaching. It will also allow you to save money by avoiding the cost of unnecessary strategy sessions.


A laser coaching session helps you to gain a clear overview of what’s blocking you and enables you to set your priorities and goals for the future. It can help you break through resistance and create lasting change. These quick and focused sessions allow you to explore deeper without wasting time. If you have been considering productivity coaching but have been hesitant because it may be too expensive or overwhelming, this is the perfect solution for you! Productivity laser coaching offers you the most comprehensive coaching experience possible. This coaching approach is unique because it allows you to work with clients ready to dive deep into their issues and identify what needs to be addressed. It helps them clarify their identities, beliefs, behaviors, and values. This is a great way to ensure your clients get the most out of their coaching sessions.

Schedule a call

Suppose you’re a motivated conscious entrepreneur who wants to accelerate your business growth but needs more time to commit to regular 1- or 2-hour coaching sessions. Laser coaching may be a good fit. These 15-minute sessions focus on one specific challenge or topic and are designed to “hit the spot” quickly. During a laser coaching session, your coach will help you identify your goals and challenges and work with you to develop a plan for moving forward. The coach will ask thought-provoking questions that help you clarify your vision and identify what is getting in the way of achieving your goals. After the call, your coach will summarize the key points discussed and actions to take. She will also give you a template to help you track your progress between sessions. She will also ask you to review your homework and confirm that you have implemented the strategies or techniques discussed in the session. You can schedule as many laser coaching sessions as you want in a year. However, you must complete your agreed-upon homework before scheduling your next session. This ensures that you are taking ACTION and not just talking in circles. This highly effective coaching approach gets to the root of the problem quickly.


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