How Much Does Residential Window Cleaning Cost?

When it comes to residential window cleaning, you should know the prices you can expect to pay. Learn more about the average cost by clicking here.

When you buy a home, you likely spend your time thinking about potential remodeling projects. Maybe you always pictured your dream kitchen, home office, or master bedroom. If you’re more of an outdoors person, your mind may drift toward patios, decks, or landscaping.

Something you likely never gave much thought to was window cleaning. Yet, if you want your home to look tidy and retain its curb appeal, window cleaning is a necessary evil. That doesn’t mean it’s a necessary evil you must handle personally.

You can always outsource it to a residential window cleaning service. Of course, that begs the question of how much will that cost. Keep reading for a breakdown of factors that can influence pricing and what you can expect on average.

Types of Windows

Some homes feature big bay windows, while other homes lean toward average-sized windows in each room. The more big windows you have, the more you should expect to pay for them. The same goes for big sliding glass doors and french doors.

Size of the Home

In most cases, bigger homes mean more windows. The more windows in your home, the higher the window cleaning costs.


The number of stories in your home can also influence pricing. If all of your windows are on the ground floor, you can expect to pay the standard rate for cleaning them.

If you have a two-story or three-story home, the cleaning service may charge more for the second and third-floor windows. The higher the windows, the more risk there is for the person who cleans them. That means they must spend more time dealing with safety precautions.

You do want a professional window cleaning company, such as MV Window Cleaning, for second and third-story windows. The higher window cleaning cost is a small price to pay for your personal safety.

Other Factors

Other factors that can affect window washing prices are mineral deposits, paint, and stain. Removing those almost always means a higher per-pane price for cleaning, simply because the process is longer and more involved. If you fold in other services like shutter cleaning and blind cleaning, that generally creates an additional charge as well.

Average Costs

Assuming you own an average-sized home with average-sized windows, the average cost for cleaning home windows runs around $220. If you own a smaller or larger home, those costs can drop to below $100 or soar up to more than $400. You should get estimates from local services to understand average rates in your area.

Residential Window Cleaning and You

Residential window cleaning isn’t a task that most people enjoy. It’s dirty, time-consuming, awful in chilly weather, and can prove personally dangerous with second and third-story windows.

In most cases, it’s more efficient and easier on your back to hire a window cleaning service to do the work for you. If you get it done twice a year at the average price, it’ll likely run you around $440.

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