How to Find Time for Daily Chores With a Busy Schedule


Why are chores so overwhelming?

Everyone needs household chores done, even if you’re disabled or you’ve got a super busy schedule. But, some days it just seems impossible to find the time to do daily chores when you’ve got work, bills, a family, and more on your plate.

Finding a good chore schedule for a busy life might seem difficult, but it isn’t impossible. You can make finding time for chores easy with a few of our tips.

Keep reading for a guide on finding time for chores with a busy schedule. Let’s begin!

Evaluate Your Time Each Day

Try to break down your day into hour-long increments and see where you can fit in some housework. 

If you have an hour before work, you can use that time management to tidy up the kitchen or living room. If you have some downtime in the evening, you can use that time to do the laundry or vacuum the floors. 

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Create a List

You need to create a list of what needs to be done. Once you have the list, you can tackle one task at a time. This can help prevent you from feeling overwhelmed and help you focus on what needs to be done next.

You can also try to break up the tasks throughout the day instead of doing them all at once. If you have a list of five things to do, try to do one in the morning, one in the afternoon, and one in the evening. 

Cut Down on the Amount of Time Each Task

Assuming you have a busy schedule, cutting down the amount of time each task takes is the best way to make time for daily chores. One way to do this is by setting a timer for each task.

Once the timer goes off, move on to the next task. This will help you stay focused and get things done more quickly.

Consider Batch Doing Chores

Batch doing chores means doing similar daily chores at the same time. If you have to vacuum every day, you can do all of your vacuums for the week in only one day.

This will save you time because you won’t have to switch gears as often. You can also save time by doing two or more chores at the same time. For example, you can vacuum and dust at the same time.

Find Time for Your Daily Chores Starting Today

If you have a busy schedule but want to clean your house, there are a few things you can do. Evaluate your time each day, list what needs to be done, cut down on the amount of time for each task, consider batch doing chores, and make time for yourself too.

By following these tips, you’ll be able to find time for daily chores without feeling overwhelmed.

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