How to Honor a Loved One’s Life on Your Wedding Day


Your wedding will be one of the happiest days of your life. Yet, you might worry it will not feel perfect if a deceased loved one cannot be at your side.

As difficult as it might feel, there are many ways you can make their presence felt and ensure they play a special part in your big day.

To remember a late friend or relative, read the following advice on how to honor a loved one’s life on your wedding day.

A Butterfly Release

A butterfly release is a beautiful way to pay tribute to a lost family member or friend at your wedding. During or after the ceremony, you can release many stunning butterflies that will wow your guests and help you feel closer to your late loved one when they can’t be next to you. If this sounds ideal for your big day, you can buy butterflies to release from Cloverlawn butterflies for weddings, funerals, memorial services, and more special occasions.

Reserve a Seat

Many happy couples often choose to reserve a seat for lost loved ones during a wedding ceremony. Also, you could add a framed photograph, clothing, trinkets, or a flower onto the empty seat to highlight the love you have for a deceased friend or relative. It will make their presence feel known to you, your partner, and guests as you exchange vows.

Incorporate Their Favorite Flowers into the Bouquet

As you will carry a late loved one with you throughout your life, it makes sense to carry something that reminds you of them on your wedding day. For instance, you could incorporate their favorite flower into a bride’s bouquet. It will make them feel by your side when walking down the aisle and saying “I do” to your partner at the altar.

Many brides often choose to incorporate a lost loved one’s favorite flowers into their floral arrangements. For example, Megan Markle honored Princess Diana by adding forget-me-nots into her bridal bouquet.

Add Their Photo to a Locket

If you have lost a parent, grandparent, sibling, or best friend, make them feel close to your heart on your big day by adding their photo to a locket. Wearing a locket as you walk down the aisle will make them feel as if they are by your side.

Also, it will provide a physical item to touch when thinking of them throughout the day, which may bring a sense of comfort on the happiest day of your life.

A Moment of Silence

The loss of a parent, grandparent, or much-loved friend will leave a huge hole in your heart. As a result, you might worry you might be unable to enjoy your big day. Yet, you can trust they will feel near during a moment of silence before your wedding ceremony.

Ask guests to sit quietly to remember your loved one or say a little prayer for them before starting the nuptials and celebrations.

Wear Your Loved One’s Jewelry

Feel closer than ever to a relative who has passed away by wearing one of their jewelry items on your big day. For instance, a bride could wear her mother’s necklace, or a groom could put on his father’s watch or cufflinks.

Even if an item wasn’t passed down to you following their death, a member of the family might be happy for you to wear it on your special day to honor their life.

Create a Memory Table

Celebrate a loved one’s life at your reception by creating a beautiful memory table. Choose items that pay tribute to their life, achievements, and memories.

Add framed family photos, lay down their trinkets, or highlight their accomplishments, such as showcasing their medals, awards, or trophies. You could even leave cards on the table for guests to write about their favorite memory of your lost friend or relative.

A Meaningful Wedding Favor

Shine a spotlight on your loved one by adding meaningful wedding favors to your reception tables. For example, if a late friend or relative enjoyed a glass of gin, present your guests with a miniature and a little note asking them to raise a glass to them.

It is a fantastic way to pay tribute to a loved one’s personality while presenting your guests with a thoughtful, memorable gift.

Ask for Charitable Donations

If you and your partner don’t have a wedding registry, you could always ask guests to replace a gift with a charitable donation to a worthy cause. Ask them to leave a donation in your loved one’s honor, as it will remember their life while ensuring the money donated benefits those who need it most.

It is a kind-hearted way to give back to a charity that helped a late friend or relative or support a cause they held close to their heart.

Acknowledge a Loved One in a Speech

Wedding speeches provide happy couples with an opportunity to address their guests, which can include those who cannot be with you and your partner. A friend or relative’s physical absence doesn’t mean they aren’t by your side, as you will feel their impact throughout your life.

For this reason, you should ask your guests to raise their glasses to toast those who cannot be with you and your partner during this happy occasion.

Play Their Favorite Song

Guaranteed you will feel as if a deceased loved one is by your side when playing their favorite song at your wedding reception. It doesn’t matter if it is a slow song or an up-tempo track; hearing the music is sure to remind you of a happy memory or their personality.

It will bring a smile to your face and maybe even a tear, but you will feel as if they are dancing with you at your reception.

Don’t allow a loved one’s loss to detract from the happiest day of your life. Find ways to pay tribute to their life and feel their presence throughout your wedding.


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