How to Inject a Sense of Grandeur into Your Home’s Design Aesthetic

Regardless of the size of your property, the shape of the rooms, and the location of your home, it is possible to decorate with a luxurious and dramatic interior design aesthetic, as long as you have the funds to make it happen.

That said, continue reading to learn how to inject a sense of grandeur into your home’s design aesthetic.

Splashes of Metallic Items

For some reason, perhaps harking back to days gone by, the presence of even the smallest accents of metallic materials in a room can go a long way to elevate the sense of luxury and grandeur.

Even a few items of dinnerware in vintage silver on the side of the windowsill in the dining room, or indeed a gold leaf mirror in the master bedroom can make a huge and impressive difference to the overall feel of the space.

Decorative Ceiling Moulding

Another addition to the aesthetic of your home’s design, which is currently incredibly fashionable, is decorative molding on the ceiling.

It is relatively simple to complete this project yourself without hiring an expensive painter and decorator to get the job done. For the ultimate in sophistication and style, make sure that the decorative ceiling molding is painted the same color as the walls beneath.

Make Your Fireplace the Focal Point

Nothing says grandeur more than a stunning fireplace centerpiece. There are many benefits to investing in one of the attractive and entirely functional Victorian electric fireplaces. These fireplaces can never be overstated, and adding one is one of the quickest and surprisingly affordable methods of introducing a sense of grandeur into a room.

There is a wide range of advantages to investing in a stunning fireplace aside from this injection of grandeur, including the following:

  • Fireplaces create a warm, inviting, and cozy ambiance
  • Fireplaces are an incredibly valuable selling point to prospective buyers
  • Fireplaces can make a real statement and impact when you enter the room
  • Fireplaces can help to control and even reduce your monthly energy bills
  • Fireplaces provide an emergency comfort in the event of a power cut 

Curved Furniture

You only have to glance at this month’s copy of any home and garden interior design magazine to conclusively prove that adding curved furniture is one of the most trending ways to add style and sophistication into your rooms.

Even a couple of small stools with ornately curved legs will make a striking focal point in any room. However, you could follow that cliché of ‘going big or going home’ and choose to replace your standard mirrors and picture frames with curved and oval alternatives.

Fresh Flowers & Indoor Plants

The final tip on injecting a sense of grandeur and luxury into your home’s design and décor highlighted within this article is perhaps the most affordable of all.

The simple addition of a wide range of indoor plants and beautifully arranged fresh flowers in stunning vases can make a world of difference to any room within your home.


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