How to Start a Thriving Events Planning Business

There is so much to think about when it comes to putting together a big event. Bringing a vision to life, coordinating everyone, and ensuring everything goes smoothly on the day is far from easy. It is, however, incredibly rewarding and fun. Seeing everything come together, making the impossible happen, and the real-time response to your event are incredible feelings.

While having a name, business connections, and startup marketing fees are all a must, there are a few unexpected components you will need if you want your new events planning a business to thrive. If you want to stand out right from the start, use these top tips:

· Put Together a List of Go-To Suppliers

Having a list of trusted suppliers and professionals is a must when working as an events planner. You need to know, for example, that you can go to to book insured, trained, and TIPS-certified bartenders.

The same goes for catering options. You should have one to three caterers off the top of your head for each main cuisine, like Italian, French, or even Indian. This way, you can immediately recommend great options if your clients don’t know where to start and can potentially get a commission rate for the referral.

· Start Small

When it comes to putting together events, start small. Look to your friends and family when you first start out and host events on their behalf. Use that time to practice taking photographs and videos, and creating content that showcases your work while keeping the family private from the public. This takes some practice, so starting early is key.

· Training

You don’t technically need to have a certificate or degree to start, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to learn. From short courses to books to even following successful event planners to learning directly from some of the world’s top experts in the field, there are many ways that you can – and should – learn to improve your approach. As the saying goes, fake it until you make it.

· Compartmentalize your Marketing

You may be able to put together an event for any time of occasion, but this can be harder to market. It’s best to stick to a niche and then market within that niche. This doesn’t mean that you have to stick with just one type of event, but rather than trying to market to potential clients, you can do it all; it’s better to use target marketing to showcase yourself as the sole solution for their needs. For example, you can pay for marketing space in a bridal magazine or account and then only market your wedding planning services.

· Upsell Yourself

You need to upsell yourself. If you aren’t comfortable selling your skills, it’s time to start workshopping. Other ways to upsell yourself are to apply and enter into relevant competitions. Do whatever you can to show your skills and expertise so that clients can feel rest assured that you’ll do a great job.


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