Is Making Your Own Rosin Cost-Effective?

Rosin is an in-demand product, and as such, you might be wondering if it is cost-effective to produce your own, rather than buy it. While the answer to this is almost certainly ‘yes’, to decide if you want to take this route, you will need to be aware of why rosin is so in demand, and the steps involved in creating it.

You will also need to know where to look to find all the equipment you need to make your own rosin, so you can see how the advantage of making your own rosin could be more than just financial.

What Do You Need to Make Your Own Rosin?

If you were thinking that creating your own rosin would take a homemade lab and a degree in chemical engineering, you’d be wrong. Rosin is a cannabis concentrate that is created without chemicals or solvents (separating it from the similarly named resin), so you won’t need to up your insurance, as there are very few safety issues to worry about.

In-depth technical knowledge is not needed either, as the process can involve just a single machine that creates rosin by using the right combination of heat and pressure on cannabis kief, hash, or flowers.

These come in the shape of manual or hydraulic rosin presses and can be obtained from reputable retailers, like Manual presses tend to be smaller and cheaper, and hydraulic ones exert more pressure and can give you higher yields but are typically more expensive. Regardless of which one you pick; the overall outlay will pay for itself quite quickly compared with buying your rosin every time.

Things to Consider When Making Your Own Rosin

#1 The Type of Press You Want

Although using either machine is cheaper than buying the finished product, you will need to decide whether to go manual or hydraulic. As you have already seen, there is a price difference between the two, but the defining factor might be how much you want to make to keep it fresh (see point #3).

#2 What Material You Will Be Using

As you have no doubt heard from those that spend time around computers – garbage in, garbage out – and the same goes here. If you want to make top-quality rosin, you will need to make sure you use top-quality cannabis.

#3 How You Store Your Rosin

You need to ensure that you store your rosin properly, especially as you have only 72 hours before it begins to degrade. Ideally, you should vacuum seal your rosin like you would perishable foodstuffs, but that might not be practical for everyone. Instead, you could use an airtight container, and keep it in a cool dark place.

Final Thoughts

If you manage to get these things right (which isn’t hard), you will not only be able to produce rosin more cheaply than buying it, but you will also be in complete control of the process., This means you decide the quality, yield, and flavor of what you produce.


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