Level Up Your Vaping Game With These Pro Vape Tricks Revealed

Level Up Your Vaping Game With These Pro Vape Tricks Revealed

Vape bending is a trick genre that can be quite complex. It requires a lot of practice, but the results can be mind-blowing when you get it right. Start by blowing a sizable O. Then, with a quick cough-like motion, propel a second O through the center of the first one.

Sonic Boom

One of the simplest vape tricks out there is that it requires only your device and your mouth. Rapper Snoop Dogg popularised this trick, so it’s good if you’re new to vaping. It’s like a waterfall, except it involves your vapor. Take a long drag off your device until your mouth is full of thick smoke.

Then, slowly open your mouth and push the moisture out with your bottom jaw while inhaling through your nose. The result looks like you’re a dragon from Game of Thrones, and people will likely be in awe of your skills. Sonic boom is the impulsive noise that occurs when a flying object, such as a fighter jet or spacecraft, moves faster than the speed of sound.

This creates shock waves that disrupt the structure of the air molecules around it, causing a loud booming noise. The same principle is what makes a bullwhip crack when it’s whipped. Shock waves produce the sound ripple through the air, similar to how a ship creates water waves when it travels over the ocean.

Learning how to do vape tricks is surprisingly easy, requiring just a bit of practice and experimentation. With a basic understanding of vapor production and some patience, anyone can quickly develop the skills to perform impressive and visually captivating vape tricks.

Infinity Rings

The Infinity Rings vape trick is a must-have for any pro vaper looking to add a new dimension of mesmerizing cloud displays. This advanced trick requires practice and dedication, but once you perfect it, your friends will be mesmerized by the stunning visual of interconnected rings that seem to go on forever.

You’ll want to start by blowing a large O ring to perform this cool trick. Then, use your hand to push the ring to one side. As the crew moves around your body, it will appear to transform into a jellyfish shape. The result is an awe-inspiring display of mesmerizing clouds that will leave your audience in awe.

Once you’ve mastered this cool trick, you can move on to more advanced tricks like the Dragon or Bane Inhale. Just be sure to practice often and turn off any fans or vents while you’re doing it – wind can warp the appearance of the smoke rings and make them look less impressive. You can become a vape trick pro in no time with a little practice.

Double Ring

A mesmerizing display of art and science, Double Ring is a must-have trick for vape enthusiasts. After exhaling a steady vapor stream, use your hand to introduce a spiral motion, swirling the vapor upwards in a helix-like pattern. It’s a beautiful and mesmerizing spectacle that will leave your friends in awe of your skill.

You can also use your hand to manipulate the O ring into different shapes, such as a triangle. This takes more control and precision, but once you master the basics, adding a creative flair to your vaping experience is easy. Add color to your vapor with the Ghost Inhale if you want a more dramatic effect.

This trick is a little more advanced than the others, but it looks amazing and will impress your friends! You can combine it with other tricks to make a bigger visual spectacle. Remember to be careful with the amount of vapor you’re blowing, and don’t go overboard! You don’t want to end up with a cloud of ash in your mouth.


Bring an aquatic aesthetic to your vape tricks with the Jellyfish trick. This visually captivating trick combines precision and timing to create an effect resembling a jellyfish. While it might seem difficult to pull off, it’s one of the easier vape tricks to master, and once you get it, it will show off your creativity and skill.

Another impressive, easy vape trick is the Waterfall, which involves releasing a dense vapor cloud onto a flat surface to mimic a waterfall. It’s a simple yet effective trick that can be done by any beginner and requires no special skills or hardware.

The plugin also features a Grain Length control that alters the size of the jellyfish’s grains, while a Grain Sync mode allows for beat-sync-based playback. There’s also a small collection of 33 presets, including guitar, piano, sound fx, and sung and spoken audio loops that can be imported or drag-and-dropped to customize the plugin to your desired effect.

Smoke Ring

Once you’ve perfected the classic O rings, it’s time to move on to more complex vaping tricks. The Jellyfish is an eye-catching trick that requires precision and timing. Start by blowing a large ring and then using your hand to push it, slightly slowing its pace. Then, blow a smaller call into the middle of the larger one, causing it to bend into a jellyfish-like shape as it drifts away from your body.

The Tornado is another impressive vape trick that will leave audiences in awe. This involves whipping a flat pool of vapor with your hands, causing it to spiral upwards in a helix-like pattern that resembles DNA. It’s a beautiful blend of art and science that captures the beauty of nature’s wonders.

While these vaping tricks may seem complicated, they are easy to master with practice and the right setup. So, if you’re ready to level up your vaping game, don’t hesitate to try these cool tricks out with your friends. Just remember always to vape responsibly and follow all local regulations.


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