5 Tips When Mattress Shopping for Best Value


Ever heard of the saying never cheap out on your mattress? This is a good reminder for everyone who is shopping for a new mattress.

A good mattress helps you get a good night’s sleep and avoid problems that are caused by a lack of good sleep. Problems such as memory issues, trouble with concentration, weakened immunity, weight gain, and many more.

This is why choosing the best mattress for you is crucial for your health and productivity. Don’t cut corners and don’t buy a cheap mattress simply because it’s cheap.

We have some amazing tips for you that can help you get the best mattress you can buy. Make sure to read the article before you start shopping.

Look at the size

Do you know that you don’t have to buy a mattress of the same size as your old one? This is a good way to get the best mattress at a cheaper price.

Let’s say that you have a king-sized bed in your bedroom, but for some reason, you don’t really need all the space. You can get a smaller mattress as long as everyone fits on it.

And if you want to, you can get a new bed frame or headboard to accommodate the new mattress. For reference, the biggest size you can get is King with 76 x 80 inches, and the smallest is Twin with 38 x 75 inches.

Always try before you buy

This should be obvious, right? But some people feel awkward to try the new mattress at the store. But you shouldn’t feel that way, go ahead and lie down on the mattress. Try to feel if you’re comfortable or not, it’s going to be your money that buys the mattress.

So go all out, sleep in your favorite position, curl up, fetus position, or whatever. Don’t forget to sit up or sit on the edge of the mattress. If you’re buying a mattress with your partner, they should try it too. It’s important to feel the firmness of the mattress.

Buying online is a bit tricky, you’ll still need to go to the store to try. Then look for the same model online and order it.

Ask about the brand’s return and trial policy

Trying a new mattress can be quite a gamble. Maybe one night, you don’t feel comfortable anymore and wish that you could return the mattress.

Sometimes, trying the mattress for a few minutes still isn’t enough. Maybe you come to dislike the mattress in one or two weeks. This is why most brands or mattress dealers give a trial period for their customers.

Usually, you have 30 days to try the mattress before deciding whether you want to return it or not. Remember that many stores charge a restocking fee if you decide to return the mattress. So ask them in detail about their policy.


We have mentioned firmness before but how firm should your mattress be? There is no set of rules when it comes to firmness. Some companies might call their mattress firm but it’s actually more firm than other companies’ “super firm”. So it’s kind of all over the place.

You can read the descriptions provided by the companies as a reference but no more than that. The only way to know for sure is by actually trying the mattress and compare it with other mattresses.

There three most common terms to describe firmness: soft, medium, and firm. Some companies also use numbers to describe firmness: 3-5 for soft, 6-7 for medium, and 7.5-10 for firm. But then again, these ratings are different from one company to the other. So, only use it to compare the mattress from the same company or manufacturer.

Usually, everyone should be comfortable to sleep on a mattress with the firmness of somewhere in the middle. Not soft but not firm either. There is a myth that if you have a bad back you should only sleep on an extra firm mattress. But that’s just not true.

Learn different types of mattresses

This information is to help you decide on a type of mattress. Each type has pros and cons, so don’t get too hung up on one type.

Innerspring mattresses are the most common type. Expensive but good and should be great for couples. Memory foam mattresses are cheaper and good for aching muscles. But they can be hot and not suitable for warmer climates.

Latex foam mattresses are more or less similar to memory foam. They are bouncy and generally more comfortable than memory foam. Hybrid mattresses combine the best of both foam and innerspring. But can be the exact opposite if you choose the wrong one.

Happy shopping and may you sleep well

So, there you have it, some tips on how to look for the best mattress for you. Don’t be hasty when choosing your mattress. Take your time and your body will thank you for it.


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