5 Online Businesses You Can Start for Under $500

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Starting an online business doesn’t need to be expensive. You don’t have to blow all of your life savings so that you can get your online business going.

Starting a business of any kind is all about investing the right amount of money. it’s actually common to start a business, especially an online business, with a small amount of investment. So, if you think that you can’t start your online business with the money you have right now, you’re wrong.

To give you some inspiration, I have a list of online businesses that you can start for under $500. Yes, you’re seeing it right, under $500, and you can start your own online business. And the best thing is since we’re talking about online businesses, you can start right now. Of course, you may need to spend a little money getting yourself registered; if you are looking to register in the UK, but would like to keep your address private, you could try Your Company Formations Ltd, or a similar company today. Not only will these companies get you all set up, but they can give you access to a really sought-after address that immediately makes your company look impressive. 

Read the list and see if you can find your next goal.

Online coaching

Working as an online coach is already popular nowadays. If you have a degree or certification that permits you to work with people as a life coach, nutrition consultant, or any type of personal trainer, you can start now.

The whole investment you need to start your business in online coaching should well under $500. With this investment, now you can turn your degree into an online business.

Communicating with people online is the key to running this business. So, you need a few tools and equipment before you can start. Email, Skype, and other pieces of software can be used for free. Internet connection, a computer, and a microphone should be less than $500 in total.

Business consulting

Many businesses now prefer to outsource their business consulting needs. And they are always looking for consultants who can help them improve. The reason why this business will thrive today is that every piece of important information can be given online. Exactly what everyone needs when it comes to consultation.

There are plenty of consulting roles available on the internet. You should decide first on what your specialty is, depending on your background, experience, and education. This way your future clients will know exactly whether they want to hire you or not.

Much like online coaching, the total investment should be under $500. The most expensive investment would be a website if you decide to have one. Other than that, the total should be cheap, and you can start anytime.

Ecommerce reseller

Do you know how much money is exchanged every day through the online marketplace or eCommerce? Well, it’s a lot. Many people have achieved success at being a reseller from big eCommerce like eBay or Amazon.

Basically, resellers sell other people’s items to others for more money. Of course, you can sell your items too if you want. You’d be surprised at how many people would want to buy unused items.

First, create an account on Amazon or eBay. Then, you can go to the nearest local stores or look for cheap items online that are worth more than their cost. The best way would be buying items in bulk or at a heavy discount.

Once the items are on your hands, take picture of them, and put them up for sale on your account. It’s important to take pictures so people will know that you have the items and can see what the items look like.

If you’re good at reselling, spending $500 for a bunch of items, can net you much more than that. Repeat the process to earn more profit.

Independent travel agent

I personally know several people who are independent travel agents. They love what they’re doing and have been earning a decent amount of money every month.

Independent travel agents book travels or vacations for their clients. Everything is taken care of by them so that their clients don’t have to do anything. From plane tickets to accommodations, an independent travel agent does everything. And they get paid in commission.

In this business, your marketing and negotiating skills are going to be tested. It’s important to not only be able to secure clients, but you also need to secure exclusive deals. And you’ve guessed it, the total investment should be under $500.

Voice over or voice acting

With more and more people are into YouTube, voice-over artists are in demand. And we’re living in an age where people can have great equipment in their house.

The most expensive piece of equipment you’re going to need is a decent microphone. And maybe a nice quiet room as well. Now you can participate in this $4 billion industry. The scope of the job would be working for TV commercials, online ads, social media posts, YouTube videos, and many more.

Follow your passion and start today

Starting an online business is always about passion. Considering how cheap and easy it is to start, many people have found their motivation to start their online businesses. The age of online businesses has started, and you should participate in it for less than $500.


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