Shannon Beador’s Net Worth

Shannon is without a doubt one of the most successful reality TV show personalities of all time. Especially when it comes to net worth.

Shannon Beador who is a 56-year-old proud mother of three beautiful daughters is quarantining herself alongside her family in a beautiful $12,9 million house in Crystal Cove, Newport Beach. 

The secrets to Shannon Breador’s net worth

Well, it’s not really much of a secret that she gets paid $800,000 per season on the Real Housewives of Orange County (RHOC). That amount of salary per episode is among the highest compared to other main cast members. Even other stars who have been appearing for much longer than her earn less than that.

She appeared on RHOC since season 9. Shannon’s presence on the show is still as strong as ever. According to the newest report, Shannon’s salary got doubled ever since February 2019. From $400,000 to $800,000, that is an impressive raise.

The more secretive part of her income stream is the revenue of Beador Costruction, Inc. The company is owned by her ex-husband, David Beador. Apparently, the company that was founded in 1996, brought in annual revenue for the now-divorced-couple $13 million.

But it doesn’t stop there after the divorce was settled, Shannon was awarded $1,4 million by the court. The money was paid by David of course. David, her ex-husband is also paying $10,000 per month for child support. 

Recently, Shannon made a big surprise with her entrepreneur skills by revealing a product line of frozen meals called Real For Real Cuisine. Her burger even got nominated for Best Burger by QVC back in 2018.

The reason why she starts selling this frozen meals product is because of her weight loss. Shannon has lost a whooping 40 pounds due to her diet.

It’s unclear how much does she make annually from the frozen meals’ product, but it’s selling like crazy.

Today, her net worth is predicted to be at $20 million. A very plausible number for Shannon considering her massive salary from RHOC and her other business venture.

Shannon Beador’s personal life

Shannon is obsessed with a holistic lifestyle. She has shown to the public that she tries her best to keep her house toxic-free, thanks to one of the best air filtration systems that you can find in a big hospital.

This holistic lifestyle is very serious for her, to the point that she prohibits the use of Wi-Fi.

Shannon Beador’s personal life is relatively quiet, especially when compared to other reality TV show stars. The biggest news on her personal life was her marriage and divorce with David Beador.

Her marriage problems almost cost her career in the show business. Shannon had a hard time being comfortable in front of the camera with all the problems she had at that time with her ex-husband. All while raising three children alone.

She stated that to calm her mind, she spends her time hanging out with her Feng Shui advisor and energy specialist. But it’s unclear of who they actually are.

The divorce didn’t end up badly for her though, she got a lot of money from the settlement and child support.

From her recent Instagram post, she stated that she and her three daughters all got infected by the coronavirus. Shannon added that everyone is doing fine and quarantining themselves in separate rooms.

Shannon and her daughters are still doing fine even with the coronavirus. She also answered some of the questions asked by the fans regarding her family’s health.

Shannon Beador’s career highlights

Being a star on RHOC is definitely the highlight of her career. She gets paid an impressive $800,000 per season, which is double the amount of her salary during the first few seasons.

Running and co-owning a construction with her now ex-husband brought in a lot of income for her family.

Shannon’s frozen meals products are also selling really well. In fact, it’s getting more and more popular. Though it’s still unclear how much she makes on sales.

Closing thoughts on Shannon Beador’s net worth

We don’t know how she did it, but she succeeded big time. Shannon managed to get her salary from RHOC doubled. Beating many other main cast members.

She also got compensated handsomely from her divorce and that allows her to live comfortably for the rest of her life. Her health issues due to the coronavirus is still a problem for her whole family. If you want to get the newest update from her, check out her Instagram.


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