5 Signs That You Need to Replace Your Roof


‍The roof of your home is one of the most important components of your house. IIt provides protection from the elements and insulation from the heat and cold. However, it is not a permanent structure, and over time, your roof will need to be replaced.

Tips for selecting a roofing contractor

When choosing a contractor, it is important to choose one that is reputable, has experience with roofing projects, and offers a variety of roofing services. Roofing contractors can also install a new roof or inspect and repair your existing roof. Mighty Dog Roofing in Garner, North Carolina, is a great company that meet all these criteria.

A reputable contractor will be licensed, have a good reputation, and be insured. Before hiring a contractor, make sure you ask the following questions:

  • Is the contractor licensed and insured?
  • What is the contractor’s payment plan?
  • What is the estimated cost of your project?
  • How much experience do they have with roofing projects?
  • What type of roofs do they specialize in?
  • What is the contractor’s process for roof replacement?

Signs of visible damage on your roof

If your roof was recently installed and you see signs of damage, you will know that the damage occurred during the installation process. If you see damage on your roof and your shingles are less than five years old, it is most likely a result of the installation process and not normal wear and tear. The installation process can cause damage, such as dents, tears, and holes in the shingles.

Leaks and water damage

Although it may be tempting to ignore small leaks, it is best to have them repaired as soon as possible. While small leaks can be repaired, large leaks are more difficult to fix, and there is a higher chance that the damage has gone past the shingles and into the roof structure.

If the leak is not repaired, it can cause extensive damage to the interior of your homes, such as rotting wood and mold. Not only can a leak damage your home, but it can also increase your energy costs. Leaks are usually caused by broken or missing shingles, which can be repaired as soon as possible. However, leaks that go beyond the shingles are usually the result of damage to the roof structure, which will require roof replacement.

Age of the roof

While roof defects that occur shortly after installation can be repaired and replaced, defects that occur over a long period of time will eventually leave you with no option but to replace the roof. If you have a shingle roof, you can expect it to last about 20 years. But this will vary based on many factors, including the brand of shingles you choose.

Deterioration of the roof structure

While roof damage caused by installation can be repaired, roof damage caused by wear and tear can only be fixed if the roof structure is still intact. Roof structures are made of a variety of materials, but they are all designed to last several decades.

And while newer roofs can last longer than older roofs, they can still begin to deteriorate after a few decades. If you notice signs of deterioration, such as cracked or rotting wood, it is time to consider roof replacement.

The energy efficiency of the roof

Many people think of roof replacement as a choice between aesthetics and cost. But you also need to factor in the energy efficiency of your roof. Roofs are rated based on their solar reflectivity and their thermal properties. And the materials used in modern roofs are generally highly energy efficient.

If your roof is about 20 years old, you can expect that it is not as energy efficient as it once was. While you can replace your roof with a new one made of the same materials and get the same level of energy efficiency, it is a good idea to consider a new roof that has the latest energy efficiency ratings.


When it comes to roof repair, you have two main options: repair or replace. While you can attempt to repair your roof to get more use out of it and prevent the need for roof replacement, it is a difficult and sometimes impossible task.


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