Stassi Schroeder’s Net Worth Today: Income From Vanderpump Rules and Social Media!

Stassi Schroeder

Stassi Schroeder is a famous reality TV star from the show Vanderpump Rules. Her net worth is reported to be somewhere around $2 million. Stassi earned an impressive salary of $25,000 per episode on the reality show.

Her husband, Beau Clark, is also successful, thanks to the show. Additionally, Stassi apparently makes a lot of money from her Instagram account. Keep reading the article to learn more about Stassi Schroeder.


Her full name is Nastassia Bianca Schroeder. She was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, on June 24, 1988. Her appearance in the Vanderpump Rules was considered to be phenomenal. Besides being a reality TV star, Stassi is also a fashion blogger, author, podcast host, and model.

Stassi attended a local high school at Mount Carmel Academy to learn about drama. At the age of 18, she moved to Los Angeles and completed her Bachelor of Arts in English Writing from Loyola Marymount University.

After she finished her study, she got busy in the entertainment industry. Stassi has appeared in various TV shows, such as The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, The Amazing Race, Hashtaggers, Summer House, and Ex-Housewife, as well as the Bravo online series Basically Stassi.

In Vanderpump Rules, Stassi met Beau Clark, and they began dating. Later on, they hosted their dream wedding. The wedding was so extravagant, and that made more people curious about Stassi Schroeder.

Stassi earned her net worth from her acting and hosting career. Social media earnings also contributed a decent sum amount to her net worth.

The start of her career

Stassi’s career as a reality TV star began when she started working at Lisa Vanderpump’s Villa Blanca and SUR restaurants in 2010. Lisa saw her potential and cast her in the first season of Vanderpump Rules in 2013.

After two seasons, Stassi decided to take a momentary leave to relocate to New York City. She returned later to the show in season five.

Stassi Schroeder was so busy during this time. She even appeared in magazines, such as Italian Vanity Fair, Glamour, and US weekly as a model. Stassi also didn’t let her fame go to waste by promoting her own necklaces in 2014 and clothing line in 2019.

Stassi Schroeder’s wealth

Stassi’s appearance in the Bravo reality series Vanderpump Rules really launched her fame to new heights. If you didn’t know already, the show follows the lives of six servers at various restaurants owned by the boss, Lisa Vanderpump, in Los Angeles.

As the show is gaining success since 2017, the amount of money that Stassi earns every episode has been increasing steadily. Apparently, Stassi had some discussions with the people in charge back in 2017 and 2018. And since then, she’s been earning $25,000 per episode. If we take a look at the number of appearances, which is 158 episodes, then Stassi would have earned around $3,950,000.

However, Stassi got fired from the show, so now she is no longer earning paychecks from it anymore. Considering that Vanderpump Rules is the show that launched her career and made her other ventures, such as being an author and podcast host, possible. On the other hand, this makes us even more curious about her net worth.

But it didn’t stop there. Apparently, Stassi’s agency, the United Talent Agency, and public relations firm, Metro Public Relations, stopped working together with her. Furthermore, various companies that have collaborated with Stassi and her podcast show, Straight Up With Stassi, have cut connections with her as well.

With so many business ventures and relations stopped working with her, what does this mean for her net worth? According to the latest report, Stassi’s net worth is somewhere around $2 million. This estimation includes her earnings from Vanderpump Rules, book sales, and sponsorships for her Instagram and podcast.

Stassi’s house

Stassi bought a $1.7 million, 3,000-square-foot property in Hollywood Hills in 2020. The house has three bathrooms, three bedrooms, and a huge adjoining one-bedroom, one-bathroom guest suite.

Stassi’s books

As an author, Stassi released Next level Basic: The Definitive Basic Bitch Handbook in 2019. Thanks to that, she also became one of the best-selling book authors, according to the New York Times.

Stassi also used to write for Lisa Vanderpump’s daughter, Pandora, who is also the owner of an internet magazine, The Divine Addiction.

Sponsorships for Instagram

Stassi’s Instagram account is always busy. Recently, she had endorsement arrangements with Billie, a shaving company, and Ritual, a vitamins company. However, these companies stopped working with her due to her feud with Faith.

As of today, Stassi has 2.7 million followers on Instagram. She is still active there, posting about herself and her family and also promoting various brands. Her Instagram earnings are reported to be around $64,326.


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