Tamra Judge’s Net Worth

Tamra Judge is a big reality TV show personality who is obsessed with health. She is very active at being an influencer, realtor, and fitness instructor. Her household is also very lively with four children.

Her personal life is full of drama, struggle, and happiness all mixed into one. Most people know her from her appearance on The Real Housewives of Orange County (RHOC).

How does Tamra Judge build her net worth?

According to the most recent report, Tamra Judge has a net worth of $2 million. Most of her income comes from her appearance on RHOC.

Apparently, she got paid $325,000 per season. Her salary was not the highest on the show but that’s still a lot of money. Add that she appeared for a very long time. Her first appearance was in season 3, and she ended her role there after the end of season 14. That’s 11 seasons with $325,000 per season.

But that’s not all. After she departed from RHOC, Tamra is getting back to real estate. She is now working for Residential Agent Inc. in California. There, she is not alone, Shelley Black, who is her old friend is part of her team. She was a successful real estate agent before and with her fame and experience, she is expected to make banks.

Her obsession with health also became a new business venture for her. She co-founded a company called C.U.T Fitness. In the company, she assumed the position of an instructor and an influencer with the help of Instagram.

Also, if you’re familiar with Cameo, Tamra is offering her service on the platform. A lot of people have gained success on Cameo and with $125 you too can get a personalized message from Tamra Judge.

Tamra Judge’s personal life

Tamra was born on September 2, 1967. Being 53 doesn’t stop her from taking care of her body and actively working as a real estate agent.

Tamra has four children in total. She had her first son, Ryan, from her first marriage to Darren Vieth. They got divorced in 1990.

Then, Tamra met Simon Barney who was working as a sales consultant for Fletcher Jones Motorcars. From the second marriage, she gave birth to three children, Sidney Barney, Sophia Barney, and Spencer Barney. 

They got divorced in 2011 over Tamra’s claim of physical and verbal abuse from her ex-husband. To this day, the conflict between them is still going on with both parties trying to get custody of their children.

Tamra’s life got much happier after she met Eddie Judge. They decided to get married in 2013 and the marriage was televised. The couple founded C.U.T Fitness together after that.

Her family grew bigger when her granddaughter was born. Ava Ryan who is now three years old is happy and healthy.

Tamra revealed on SiriusXM that her real-life relationship with Shannon Breador has disappeared. According to her, the cause of that was her exit from RHOC.

Tamra Judge’s career highlights

Her time appearing on RHOC was definitely the biggest highlight. She appeared for 11 seasons while raking in $325,000 per episode.

Tamra earned her fame and a big chunk of her net worth from RHO and use the momentum to build her other businesses.

She earned her real estate license after she gave birth to Sophia Barney. Tamra studied hard for her license in the middle of her pregnancy. That is a big achievement considering her situation at that time.

After she got her life back together after a failed marriage. She co-founded C.U.T Fitness with her husband. Being an owner, instructor, and influencer, Tamra sure is very busy with her life.

Her Cameo side business shouldn’t be underestimated either. We have heard so many shocking stories about people earning a ton of money from the platform. Tamra charges $125 per video and with the fame that she got from RHOC, she has gotten a lot of orders.

Closing thoughts on Tamra Judge’s net worth

Despite not being active in the show business anymore, Tamra Judge is still popular with a lot of fans.

Her salary on RHOC helped her to build her own business and gave her the spotlight she needed. And now, she is a happy mother of four.

Check out her Instagram to see the latest update from her daily life.


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