The Basics of Conveyor Belt Maintenance


If you run a manufacturing company or use a warehouse space as part of your business, you likely use conveyor belt systems in these spaces. Conveyor belts are great for moving items around a factory floor or helping load and unload crates and large boxes of products in a warehouse.

They can also make working on a production line much more efficient. While they are great additions to this type of workspace, it’s still important to make sure that your conveyor systems are maintained properly to avoid unnecessary wear and tear, reduce workplace injury, and minimize disruption to workflow. Below are some quick tips to help you with basic conveyor belt maintenance.

Look for Blockages

As a conveyor belt moves items around, it’s not uncommon for some of these items to get stuck and cause blockages somewhere along the line. In addition to this, if you are using your belts to carry things like rock, dirt, etc., it’s not uncommon for the residue to come away and start building up in the belt and the finer parts of the mechanics, too.

This can cause issues like the belts not functioning properly, which could result in the system breaking down or struggling. Always check for these blockages and clear the system effectively to keep it running smoothly.

Worn Out Belts

As these belts go around and around every day, of course, they are going to get worn out at some point. It is smart to look out for signs that your belts are worn, as if you fail to replace them on time, it could risk hurting someone or causing the system to stop working altogether. You can find a replacement conveyor belt by contacting the manufacturer of your conveyor belt systems.

Make Sure the Frame is Straight

If the frame for your conveyor system is tilted, you might find that this leads to the belts coming off their tracks or it causes other problems that slow down the workflow. These systems should be set up correctly when they are installed, but they can still slip out of place over time. Make sure that your frame is straight so that your system stays in place correctly and can keep running smoothly.

Regularly Clean the Idlers

The idlers are the part of the conveyor system that supports the belt, so they will require your attention if you want these systems to continue to run properly in your factory or warehouse. Cleaning them regularly is key, as they will also suffer from build-up over time.

If you can see that any are damaged, then you should replace them immediately. You should also make sure that they are aligned correctly to keep the belt even.

Make Sure the Pulleys Are Straight

You should also be looking to make sure the pulleys are straight when you are checking the frame. If they aren’t in the right position, this could result in the belt slipping. This can make it hard for the system to run properly but also lead to faster wear and tear of the belt.

If you use conveyor belt systems in your factory or warehouse, make sure you are carrying out the basic maintenance work to keep them operating properly.


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