The Maid Service Cost: What Should You Know?

Are you thinking about hiring a maid service but want to know more about the maid service cost first? Read on and learn more here.

There were nearly 800,000 maids and house cleaners employed in the US in 2020, and this number is likely growing. Many cleaning services work exclusively within the hospitality industry, providing housekeepers for hotels and similar venues.

There’s a significant amount of maids and housekeepers that work in private residences, as well. This raises the question of how much a maid service costs, and if whether or not they’re worth investing in. There’s a popular belief that only the rich can afford maids.

The truth is that it depends on your situation. We’ll talk more about the cost of maid services in this article.

Cost vs. Earnings

Each maid service is different in terms of cost, but most charge somewhere between $25 and $50 per hour. Others charge by square feet or per room rather than hourly. In this case, they may charge several cents per square foot or even a few hundred per room.

Statistically speaking, the average hourly wage in the US is around $26. Unfortunately, this isn’t as representative as it sounds.

The average is quite skewed, with 70% of Americans making $27.94 per hour or less. Meanwhile, the top 30% are making substantially more. This gap is widening as the top 5% continue to raise their own wages substantially while increasing the wages of others only marginally.


Contrary to what TV shows and movies suggest, most maids and housekeepers don’t show up on a daily basis. Depending on the situation, they might show up once every week, once every month, or even just once. Companies such as for instance, offer all of these options plus bi-weekly cleanings.

This goes a long way towards making cleaning services more accessible. Most of us can’t afford $100 or more every day, but a few hundred per month might be a different story.

Many cleaning services offer additional options not included in their basic cleaning packages. Keep in mind that these services often cost extra.

Service Type

The cost of a maid is also going to change depending on who you hire and whom they work for. Those who work for larger agencies tend to charge more than independent workers because the agency itself adds its own fees onto the salary of its employees.

It’s important to note that this isn’t always the case. Some agencies are surprisingly affordable, and some independent workers charge high rates. Agencies do tend to charge more as a general rule, though.

This doesn’t mean that agencies aren’t worth paying for, though. They often have more employees, and more employees can equate to faster, more efficient cleaning.

Maid Service Cost—What to Expect

How much does the average maid service cost? The truth is that several factors go into it and the results can range quite a bit.

We’ve discussed some of the main factors and what kind of difference they make in this article. However, there’s a lot about house cleaning and maid services we couldn’t cover in a single article.

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