Top Tips for Dressing for Interview Success

Knowing what to wear for an interview can be tough, especially if you’ve worked in the same place for a long time, or you’ve taken a career break to raise your family, and you haven’t had an interview for a long time. You might be feeling anxious, unsure, and worried, and the idea of trying to find an outfit might be terrifying.

But, if you get it right, the outfit that you wear for your interview can boost your confidence, help you to make a great first impression, and give you a big helping hand when it comes to interview success. Here are some tips to help you.

Research the Company

In years gone by, we’d have worn a smart, professional outfit for absolutely any interview. But nowadays things are a little more complicated. Some companies are much less formal, and the dressed-down staff might find someone turning up in a very smart suit overwhelming. You want to fit in and look like you belong there.

Try to research the company, and find out more about how the staff dress, and the company culture, but if you are unsure, err on the side of professional.

Dress for the Job

If you are applying for a job in a creative industry, you might look more appropriate wearing some colour and a more relaxed outfit. A casual dress or trousers from could be ideal. If you are applying for a more traditional job, traditional business attire is probably going to strike the right note.

Keep it Simple

Overthinking your outfit is a mistake. If you are really worried about it, stick to a simple, smart trouser suit that you love and that makes you feel comfortable. This will always look smart and can be dressed down with less formal shoes, a colourful purse, or a tee instead of a blouse if you don’t want to look too stiff.

Make Sure You Can Move Comfortably

The last thing that you want in an interview is to struggle to sit or stand because your outfit is uncomfortable or needs to be repositioned every time you move. Make sure whatever you wear is comfortable, that you can move, and that you can walk easily in the shoes.

Check the Fit

Fit can be another issue. Too tight clothes can look uncomfortable and be distracting for you and the interviewer. Too loose and you might look unprofessional. Make sure you’ve tried your outfit on before the interview.

Get the Basics Right

You can spend a long time thinking about your outfit, but if it’s unclean, creased, buttons are missing, or looks uncared for, you aren’t going to make a good impression. Take your time cleaning and pressing your outfit and spend a little extra time on things like hair and makeup.

Don’t Be Scared to Add a Little Personality

Even in a smart suit, you can add a touch of personality with a colourful broach, or a pendant that means something to you. Remember, your interview is a chance to show them who you are, and your outfit can be a part of this, even if you choose to play it safe.

When it comes to dressing for interview success, the most important this is that you feel confident. Researching the company culture and knowing what to expect and how to fit in, can be incredibly helpful.


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