Underground Cellar – What you need to know about wine

Wine is a multifaceted subject that combines both history and culture. Wine is often manufactured using grapes, however, not the kind you’d find in the supermarket. Wine grapes are smaller, sweeter, thicker, and contain seeds, unlike regular grapes. So, how can you learn more about wine without being engrossed in the details? This article talks about popular wines, the regions they come from, how they’re served and how to taste them.

The different types of wine

Wine can be classified into 5 categories namely white, sweet, red, rose, and sparkling, usually available at Underground Cellar. Identifying the various types of wine is often the right step towards learning about wine. Most people usually think that wine is only categorized into either red or white using the naked eye. This is usually further from the truth as each wine has its own characteristics according to the various grapes used, wine region, and also the various flavors it comprises.

Popular Wine Regions

The world’s most popular wine regions include France, Spain, and Italy. Some of the best wines come from these three particular regions which also have quite a variety to choose from.

Serving Wine

Various wines should be served at various temperatures. For instance, you should serve a red wine at room temperature of 20-25 degrees C, whereas pink and rosé wines should be served slightly cold at 7-13 degrees C. Lastly, white wine and sparkling wine should be served chilled, with temperatures below 5 degrees C .

Tasting wine

Knowing how to taste your wine is not only going to make you enjoy it more but will also make you appreciate it. Wine tasting entails swirling, sniffing, sipping, and eventually savoring it. The feeling towards the end is usually sensational as you’ll find that the taste when swallowing is quite different from the one on your palate. A good wine taste often stays in the mouth for roughly one minute.


Although there are over a thousand wine grapes used in production, just roughly 100 of them account for 75% of the world’s vineyards. Hopefully, this article was informative enough when talking about wines.


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