accessiBe – How The Internet Can Improve The Lives Of People With Disabilities.

People with disabilities are often forgotten on the sidelines while the world makes advancements in different areas. Attempts to cater to their needs are often an afterthought and this has made certain resources and liberties to be inaccessible to them.

The internet is one of such essential resources and they often lack access to basic internet. This has crippled their ability to grow and develop with the rest of the world. It negatively impacts their abilities to learn, socialize and conduct business, all of which are online-centered activities today.

There are so many ways that the internet can improve their lives, which is why companies like accessiBe have made it their sole mission to make internet accessibility the norm all over the world and, especially for people with disabilities.

Improves Their Social Welfare.

The internet helps improve the social welfare of the disabled by enabling them to have access to basic and important online services like banking, shopping, social networking, and others like it.

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Life as a disabled person can be very lonely and isolating. The nature of a person’s disability can also limit participation in normal daily activities. The internet helps make up for this vacuum by empowering them with the tools they need to feel like participative and relevant members of society.

It Breaks Barriers to Access to Information and Communication.

The internet gives people with disabilities access to the wealth of information the rest of the world can easily access. Even those living in more rural areas have access to satellite internet plans which puts them on equal footing with the rest of the world.

It also gives them a much-needed voice to communicate their stories and ensure they remain visible and not forgotten. Having unfettered access to the internet breaks the barriers that inhibit them because of their disabilities. They can make more informed decisions and take actions that will be good for their lives.

It Provides Them with Business Growth and Development Opportunities.

The world is notoriously lacking in very successful business people with disabilities. There is a tendency to be more focused on the injury than on anything else. Using the internet and the connections they make from networking online, they can start and grow successful businesses.


The internet is a holistic booster for people with disabilities. It gives them the chance to take charge of their lives and become relevant and contributing members of society once again.


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