What Illumination Can Add to a Man Cave


A man cave is a place for men to chill out, with or without a cold beer, and receive enjoyment. It can be a space where they can watch sports, play video games, or just lounge around. But to make it feel like their own space, and nobody else’s, it needs some personal touches.

And one of the most important elements of any man cave is the lighting. This is because, although a man might choose to sleep in a man cave, many other activities can take place inside besides that one.

For those looking to illuminate their man cave, it is worth checking out the neon alternatives from Neon Mama. These will be sure to please as there are many different designs and colors available and also possible through customization.

Lighting Up a Man Cave

Illuminating a man cave can be achieved in a variety of different ways. You can use track lighting or recessed lighting to create a bright and open feeling. Or you can use lamps and sconces to add atmosphere and mood lighting. And don’t forget about accent lights! They can be used to highlight your favorite pieces of art or furniture, or simply to add extra brightness to the room.

Illuminated Signage

If we are going to have signs inside and just outside our man cave, then we ought to have ones that are illuminated. They will show the way and create much more impact than just plain signs. The right mood can then be created at the same time as the message is displayed. This is whether it is instructional or inspirational. Both are available online.

Apart from words, images are also used on neon signs, which will indicate what we might need right now or be thinking. For instance, a coffee cup that illuminates can indicate where coffee is served inside the man cave.

That will be a nice smell to have coming out of the cave that might quickly mean you are sharing the space. This might be with a son or work associate with shared male interests. A favorite brand of beer could be promoted at the bar to inform that you have that available too.

When it comes to the start of the movie, we might decide to switch on our movie-themed decoration. This could perhaps be an effigy of Darth Vader from the Star Wars movies. This would suit watching any of the movies from the trilogy.

Alternatively, we might go for a custom-made neon sign to say what we want it to say, or a figure of an animal that we appreciate for its strength. These things can be bought by a man looking to decorate their cave, or by a female partner looking for a present. When there is a man cave to buy for, nobody can be short of gift ideas.

Atmosphere and Mood

So, I think we can agree that lighting can create the perfect atmosphere, and so the right mood inside a man cave. The choice then is just on what kind of lighting. It can be traditional or more bespoke like that which is created using neon lighting. It will provide similar illumination but also have more of a purpose beyond just that.

Combined ideas are always the best. For instance, making a storage chest a tabletop will serve two purposes and save much space within this newly created male space. A well-lit space will mean that we can see what we are doing or playing.

We hope that the above will prove useful when it comes to thinking about man cave decorations, that will add light to an otherwise dark environment. Lights can be cheery and purposeful and be something that reminds us of the Las Vegas strip and perhaps the gaming planned for inside this private and very male environment.

The possibilities are endless, and so there must be a type of lighting that will prove to be in keeping with whatever atmosphere it is that you are trying to create.


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