What to Consider Before Building a Home Garage Gym

Working out at the gym has many benefits, but people also find enjoy pumping iron at home, too. This is what to consider before starting a home garage gym.

A home garage gym is great for people who want the benefits of exercise (like lowering blood pressure and losing weight) but who don’t want to make the trek to the gym. You can customize your home workout routine using your garage gym equipment without paying for a gym membership!

There are plenty of things to think about for home garage gym ideas, including doors, flooring, equipment, and music. Of course, for those without a garage, you don’t have to miss out, as it’s even becoming trendy to build them in she sheds. You want working out at home to be a great experience, so you keep at it and achieve your goals!

Something many people don’t consider is do they have enough space. Chances are your garage is filled with old hobbies such as a few bikes you don’t use anymore. If that sounds like you, find a great used bikes marketplace and don’t waste time selling your bike anywhere else. Same applies for canoes, kayaks and whatever else is taking space.

You can also use that money to upgrade your gym.

Here’s what to consider when starting a home garage gym. 

A Home Garage Gym Starts With A Great Door

One of the first things to consider when starting a home garage gym is the kind of door for your garage. You want a garage door to secure your garage gym equipment and something stylish to match the decor of your home.

When it gets warm, you want the ability to open your garage door with ease! 

Learn more about garage doors and how a new door can make a great addition to your home. A new door is an excellent investment and will add value to your house.


Many floors in garages are concrete or a covering that’s not suitable for working out. You want flooring that’s sweatproof and waterproof! Concrete is not great for your feet and if you drop weights, the surface could crack.

You should consider a workout mat or flooring made of a thick, durable material that you can wipe clean after you sweat. 


You don’t have to have top-of-the-line garage gym equipment when working out a home. Shop yard sales or online to find the things you need. Check with friends and colleagues and find out what equipment they might want to sell or trade. 

Some other excellent home gym ideas for equipment include using the walls in your garage for storage. Use a rack system! Storage racks can store things such as kettlebells, jump ropes, or your rower! 


Home exercise tips must include music! A great music system for your home garage gym will keep you motivated and moving throughout your workout. Choose something that can connect to Bluetooth, so it’s easy to operate on your phone. The AG Market Network has a few more tips on the types of headphones you would want to use during your workout, but since it’s your gym, playing music out loud is an option too!

Much like workout equipment, many people sell speakers online or yard sales. Don’t miss out on a good deal! Looking for used music equipment will save you money!  

You want your home workout routine to have energy! Choosing the right workout mix from a free online source is one of those great home gym ideas to keep you wanting more and more from your workout!

Things To Consider When Starting A Home Garage Gym

When starting a home garage gym, there are plenty of things to think about, including the right garage door, flooring, equipment, and music. You want a space that’s warm, inviting, and motivating! 

Equip your gym so you and your family can work out without paying a monthly gym membership!

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