What to Look for in an Artificial Christmas Tree: 4 Things


Before you buy an artificial Christmas tree, it’s essential to know what to look for. There are many types of artificial trees on the market. You can find them flocked, pre-lit, or with real feathers. You should also check the tree’s quality and price.


You may choose from a variety of pre-lit artificial Christmas trees from providers like Balsam Hill Australia if you’re looking for a tree for your holiday celebration. Some trees feature traditional incandescent bulbs, while others feature energy-efficient LED lights. LED fairy lights also make an attractive addition to any tree.

Artificial Christmas trees that come pre-lit don’t need to be watered. They have a footed base and are free of needles. They can be put either indoors or outside. Additionally, there are many different hues available. They come in conventional hues like cheery silvers and winter white. Further, you can adorn them with vintage Christmas decorations.


When it comes to buying an artificial Christmas tree, there are several types of trees that you can buy. You may purchase a pre-decorated tree or a tree you have to decorate yourself. Regardless of the kind of tree you buy, make sure that it meets safety standards.

Buying a pre-decorated tree can save you a lot of time. These trees are typically delivered in oversized boxes to make them easier to move. They are usually pre-lit with warm lights, making them an excellent option.


Flocked trees are beautiful if you use Christmas ball ornaments. Flocked trees may cover some lights, creating a soft, magical glow. A pre-flocked artificial Christmas tree can provide a pristine canvas for ornaments, allowing you to decorate it how you usually would.

Pre-flocked trees are produced from high-quality PVC that is safe and long-lasting. Check resources like Balsam Hill reviews to see if it also has a waterproof coating and is anti-allergic. The overall height of this Christmas tree is approximately 78.6”H, with a 7.8″ tip.

Pre-decorated with real feathers

If you’re not interested in spending the time to decorate a live tree yourself this year, you can find a pre-decorated feather tree on the market. These trees have pre-attached decorations, including pinecones, berries, and rustic woodland berries. These trees come in many different styles and can be used as-is or decorated with your ornaments.

These trees are made with natural or synthetic feathers and can be found in all colors. They are generally tabletop height-and come in a variety of colors. Some even glitter. They are not expensive and can be switched out each year.


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