4 Exciting Ways to Grow Your Health Business

Working out at the gym has many benefits, but people also find enjoy pumping iron at home, too. This is what to consider before starting a home garage gym.

Health and fitness is a huge industry with more than enough space for everyone who wants to take it on as a career or business opportunity. This doesn’t mean everyone will succeed, but if you’re committed to growing an audience, you can usually find some level of success.

Having an audience is just the first step. Growing from there can mean introducing product lines, services, or even digital subscriptions. If you think you’re at the stage where it’s time to evolve your business model to the next level, use these tips to inspire you:

1.   Offer a Product Range

Products are a great way to increase sales but don’t think using an on-demand printing service will be enough. Merchandising has become so easy that everyone does it, and as a result, they’ve all started to look the same.

Go beyond. If you have a yoga or fitness brand, develop your own athleticwear. Research the best materials and designs, and then create unique and stunning designs that stand out as quality products on their own. Will you be able to print these products on demand?

No, but with one of the top USA sportswear manufacturers by your side, you can run small production orders as low as 150 units all the way to 3000. If you don’t know how to make patterns, don’t worry, since they even offer a pattern-making and grading service on top of the standard cut and sew.

2.   Create Digital Products

Selling products is an active business model. To succeed, you’ll also want to establish a few passive income streams as well. There are many ways you can do this, especially in the health and fitness world. Just one example is creating video workout subscriptions. You can also sell calendars, meal plans, and more.

Digital purchases are low, yes, but the point is you just need to create them once, and they can then keep earning you money. Some items will need to be updated a little, like any calendars, but for the most part, they’re an evergreen source of income that can help boost sales.

3.   Collaborate

You want to get yourself in front of new audiences and, more importantly, want to showcase that you are a quality business that’s recognized by the larger community and valued because of it. Go to industry events, try to earn certifications that can help prove your quality to your customers, and so on.

4.   Get Out There

Chances are, your business has largely been located in one place. This may be the gym you work at or online. If you want to grow, you need to start expanding beyond what you’re immediately comfortable with. If you have a digital brand, start booking pop-up places and selling tickets to events. If you have a small studio class, start looking into how you can offer digital classes or resources to expand your operations.

This will help solidify your income streams and allow you to workshop new approaches to your business. A digital brand that starts with pop-ups can gauge interest and workshop ideas before launching its own studio, for example.


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