Investing in a Statement Handbag


You love the outfits that you put together, but do you have a statement handbag that lifts and elevates an outfit? A statement handbag can add something extra to all outfits. So, when it comes to investing in a statement handbag, what are the main considerations you should be focusing on? What questions should you be asking yourself, and most importantly, what type of handbag and designer are you going to be investing in?

Purchasing a Piece that Will Last Longer Than One Season

Before you go shopping or even browsing, you need to think about purchasing a piece that will last and look good for longer than one season. Some statement handbags can be on-trend and look great at the time, but as the months pass by, you could find yourself using that garish handbag a little less often than you would like. When you purchase a handbag that will last longer than one season, you can ensure you get true value for money.

Getting to Know Designers

Now you have considered your purchase, it is time to look at the designers. Decide which designers offer styles that you like, and ultimately, love. For instance, at, do you find that you like the range of couture bags for sale, or are you in love with their exotic styles?

Taking your time to research the designers and see just what is around will help you make an informed choice. If you do not find out about a designer, and you do not really get to know what they create and why, then you may never fully embrace your statement purchase.

Decide What Statement You Want to Make

Statement handbags can come in all shapes and sizes, and sometimes, it helps to know what statement you want to make. For instance, are you going for a bright and bold look? Or, are you seeking a black clutch bag that can be dressed up in the evening, or worn for a casual afternoon out? What statement are you trying to create and add to your wardrobe and your style? Knowing what you are looking for can create a more enjoyable shopping experience.

How Much Is Your Budget?

Investing in a statement handbag still requires you to set a budget. If you are not setting a budget, you will find you will be spending more time trying to find the right or best handbag for you. So, look at your budget. Are you looking at spending at the lower end of four figures, or are you going to go that little bit higher for a couture piece? 

Only Purchasing New

There are, of course, lots of good handbags around to purchase second-hand. However, when you are investing in a statement piece, you are better off only purchasing new. When you do this (and your purchase from a boutique or designer direct), you can then guarantee that you are purchasing a genuine product and not a copycat. When you buy new and not secondhand, you also get the chance to enjoy your new handbag as much as possible.


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