5 Flowering Indoor Plants You’ll Want in Your Home

Brighten up your home all year round! Take your pick from the following five flowering indoor plants including, the African Violet.

Did you know that plants can increase productivity and concentration by up to 15% for people in the United States? 

Plants are great to have in the home because they have proven to boost moods and reduce stress.

If you are looking for a stunning plant for your home but don’t know where to begin, there are several options to consider. 

Continue reading to discover some of the best flowering indoor plants that are easy to maintain and look beautiful! 

1. Hoya Carnosa

One of the most popular flowering indoor plants that people buy for their homes is the Hoya Carnosa. 

The Hoya Carnosa is a unique plant that creates a sphere of flowers. The stems stick out in all directions and create a shape that resembles a hollowed-out ball. The most popular color that you can get these flowers in is white and pink. 

This plant will capture the attention of everyone who walks in your door. The best part about the Hoya Carnosa is that it is easy to maintain. This plant can survive in most conditions and climates. 

You can either put this plant in a well-lit area of the house or a corner and it should still thrive. Another name for the Hoya Carnosa is the wax plant. The buds have a waxy coating and are in a star shape that will look beautiful even before they bloom. 

2. Anthurium

Finding brightly colored houseplants can be a challenge if you aren’t sure of what to look for. 

The Anthurium is a unique tropical flower that is in the shape of a bright red heart. This plant often comes in colors like red, pink, purple, and white. The best conditions for Anthurium plants are humid spaces with indirect light. 

To best maintain this plant, make sure that the soil is moist at all times so that it doesn’t dry out. Indirect light is best suited for this plant because it reduces the risk of evaporating the water before it can reach the roots. 

One thing to be aware of if you decide to get this plant is that it is poisonous to humans and pets. The bright red color acts as a warning sign, and although it is pretty, it can cause damage. 

3. African Violet 

If you want indoor houseplants that need little light, the African violet is an excellent choice!

The African violet is a beautiful flowering plant with purple or violet petals. The flowers grow in bunches and are small. This plant has a unique look because the flowers are hugged by wide leaves that are dark green. 

These flowers are perfect for the home because they flower throughout the entire year, even in the colder months. There won’t be many days that you notice the plant to be green and free of flowers. Another reason this plant is so great is that it grows best in temperature conditions that humans require. 

You won’t have to spend money on growing lights, water, or heating bills to keep this plant alive. Depending on how well you maintain the flowers, they can survive up to 50 years! If you want to send flowers internationally, these are a great choice to get because they are so durable.

If your African violet plant isn’t blooming, you should try increasing the humidity in its environment. Humidity will allow the flowers to bloom and you can readjust temperatures once it starts flowering.  

4. Poinsettia

There are many types of indoor plants that only get brought into the homes for certain seasons. 

Whether it is the holiday season or the middle of the summer, Poinsettias are a great plant to have in the home. This plant creates small yellow flowers that open into large white and red petals. Keep this plant away from fido, however, as it is poisonous to animals. 

The best way to water a Poinsettia is to allow the plant to sit in a bowl of water. Unfortunately, these plants don’t do well with reblooming. You will need to get a replacement plant once the flowers fully come off. 

If you have your Poinsettia outside, make sure that it comes indoors if the temperatures drop below 20 degrees Fahenheit. You should always cover the plant when relocating it or taking it home. You can use a plant cloth or tin foil to cover the plant and retain heat. 

5. Hydrangeas

An excellent flowering plant to get for your home is hydrangeas.

Hydrangeas are often used by florists because they have such a luxurious and beautiful look to them. You can find hydrangeas in practically every color which also makes them easy to blend in with your house decor. 

A great thing about hydrangea plants is that they naturally bloom. As long as you keep the soil moist and the plant in direct sunlight, it should survive for a long time and produce many flowers. These flowers should be put in a spot that is located near a window or in a sunroom.

Many people use hydrangeas that they grow to create bouquets and centerpieces. It is a great idea to have this plant in your home because you will always have access to the prettiest flowers. 

Consider These Flowering Indoor Plants

When it comes to finding the best flowering indoor plants, there are quite a few options to consider.

Depending on the colors and size of the plant that you want, you can find something to fit your needs and abilities. Most indoor plants are easy to maintain and don’t require a lot of sunlight or water. Pay attention to the temperatures and humidity levels that your plants require.

Adding plants in your home can help improve air quality and improve your mood with a simple boost of color and a fresh scent. 

Be sure to check out our blog for more articles about the best indoor plants and improving your home! 


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