Florida Homeowners: Common HVAC System Issues

HVAC system issues can still occur in sunny Florida. For more information read Florida Homeowners: Common HVAC system issues.

In Florida, 27% of all energy goes towards air conditioning.

Many people often think of Florida as not having seasons, but staying hot all the time. This isn’t the case, many Floridians also make use of heating throughout the year. System issues with a home’s HVAC can expose residents to cold, chilly weather that makes life miserable.

If you live in Florida you may be wondering, what kind of issues do HVAC systems have? Let’s break that down and see if we can shed some light on common HVAC system issues in Florida.

1. Neglecting Maintenance

While it is true that winters in Florida tend to be short and mild compared to other parts of the country, it can get quite cold between November and January. Given that two months of chilly weather is all that people expect in Florida, most don’t tend to take good care of their heating systems.

Neglect can come in many forms, but for most it is lack of proper maintenance. Too often heaters are out of sight and out of mind.. This can lead to a breakdown of the heating element or the air intake system.

If maintained an HVAC system can last for up to 20 years or more. If not maintained, the system could still last for a while, with 10 years being on the high end. Stop neglecting the HVAC system, and you could double the lifespan of your unit.

2. Condensation and Mold

The fact that Florida has a lot of humidity comes as no surprise to someone who lives there. Condensation is common in both HVAC ducts and on the outside of other air conditioning units. While all of this is normal, the reality is that anytime moisture builds up mold can start to grow.

Mold comes with potential health risks and can be very difficult to get rid of. Once it begins to grow inside your home it can spread. Anywhere that moisture or water builds up, mold can find a foothold.

The best way to deal with this is to have the ducts cleaned by a professional. Doing it yourself can cause leaks in the ducts, which will drive up your costs. It can also produce more condensation which will only create more problems with mold.

3. Dirt and Contaminants

In areas where there is a lot of wind, such as most of the state of Florida, dust and debris can be a problem. This can lead to units freezing up during the summer, and not working during the winter. Don’t let your unit get clogged up, make sure to keep it clean.

This affects more than the filter too. The coils and other components can become caked with dirt. When this happens the efficiency of the system can suffer. As it can make it more difficult for air to heat up or cool down.

4. Lack of Use

Florida winters are often mild, so much so that in some places residents can go over a year without turning on their furnace. This can lead to furnace problems, as they aren’t designed to sit unused for years at a time. Before turning yours on from such a long break, make sure to have a professional inspect it.

This is also true if you live near the coast and rarely need to use your air conditioner. The fact is that an air conditioner is useful for more than just cooling the air. It dehumidifies the air which is a major benefit in the humid heat of Florida.

This is a great way to avoid more expensive problems or even dangerous situations. You want to have a safe, functioning furnace. Heating is important, when you need it you want it to work.

5. Compressor Issues

Compressors go out, it is just a fact of life that everyone has to deal with. For Florida homeowners, having a compressor die can mean big trouble. No one wants to turn their home into a sauna, and that’s what is going to happen if your HVAC system isn’t working.

If your compressor dies, you should consider the age and condition of your unit. If the HVAC system is more than a few years old, it may be more economical to replace the entire unit. Check with a professional about the cost of repairs first, but don’t be surprised.

6. Capacitors Overheating

A lot of power flows through capacitors in your unit, especially during the height of summer. This amount of power causes the metal of the capacitors to heat up, which can cause failure. The added ambient heat of a Florida summer makes it only that much worse.

Of all the common HVAC system issues people have in Florida, this may be the most common. Often the connectors get damaged by this heat as well, so you will have to replace both. As long as you use a reputable HVAC repair service, the cost of these repairs should be low.

7. Fan Motor

What causes components of an HVAC system to break down? Exposure to harsh elements throughout all months of the year has to rank up there. The fan motor is often exposed to these wild temperature changes, inclement weather, and other dangers because it is located outside the home.

Older fan motors are even more susceptible to becoming damaged. Modern fan motors have come a long way, but they can still break down over time. If a fan goes out, don’t worry, a good HVAC technician can get you back up and running in no time.

System Issues

There are a lot of parts to every HVAC system, so having system issues isn’t unusual. You can expect that most HVAC systems will last for years without problems, but as they age the problems will increase.

Don’t get frustrated, if you need help with your air conditioning and heating, call a professional. If you liked what you read, feel free to browse our site for other related topics!


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