7 Signs You Need a Front Door Replacement

A damaged or old front door not only looks bad, but it can also be costing you money. Watch out for these 7 signs you need a front door replacement.

Did you know that, when you take good care of it, a front door can last you decades? However, since many problems are outside of your control, you may find yourself needing a front door replacement before you want it.

Have you ever wondered about all of the reasons that you should consider a door replacement? Here are some of the main problems that could trigger a door repair or replacement for your home.

1. It is Letting Out Air

Have you noticed that your heating and air conditioning bill has gone up? Believe it or not, your front door may be the culprit.

When your door has damage, it can cause cracks. These cracks tend to let out more air, which lessens the effect of the HVAC system that you have in your home.

During the summer and winter months, this can actually do major damage to your electric bill. The more air that gets released through the cracks in the door, the harder your system will have to work to accommodate keeping your home warm or cool.

2. An Unattractive Exterior

If your door has any type of damage, it can make it look ugly from the outside. Even if the damage is cosmetic, the door will certainly be an eyesore and you may even feel embarrassed about it when you have guests.

Peeling or damaged doors can cause hefty fines and warnings if you live in a neighborhood with a homeowners association. They may send you a warning letter if you need to paint or update your entry door.

Feeling ambitious? You may want to give the front of your home a complete facelift. It can actually be easier to replace your windows, paint the exterior of your home, and remodel your door at the same time. You can even hire a company to do all the work for you, such as Coloradoclassicexteriors.com.

3. Natural Disasters

Natural disasters can cause all kinds of problems that affect the appearance of your door. If it is only minor damage, you may be able to get away with a simple door repair. More often than not, there is too much damage and it needs a complete door replacement.

For areas that are prone to earthquakes, a large enough quake can even knock your door clean off the hinges or cause foundation damage. To lessen the cost in the future, it may be a good idea to purchase earthquake insurance.

Your entry door can also blow off the hinges due to high winds from natural disasters like tropical storms, hurricanes, and tornadoes. In this case, you should consider getting a storm door that will stay more secure in the event of a windy disaster.

Your door replacement company can also determine what type of door is best to combat future incidents. These models can be more expensive, but it will be worth it in the long run when you do not have to replace your door as frequently.

4. Easy Access for Criminals

A damaged door is bait for people who want to break into your home. Once they see that there is a crack or another problem, they will take any opportunity to pounce. Another problem is when people forget to close their front doors, in which case you’ll need a door closer to prevent something like this from happening. Luckily, many people have found a door closer here, so it’s not difficult to get.

They will be able to access your home without having to break down the door. For instance, if there is damage to the door lock, they can circumvent that easily. Make your door secure with wrought iron products so after a quick glance, criminals will move to an easier target.

If you have an alarm system that triggers when the door unlocks, it may not work properly without a functioning entry door. That means thieves can have much more time to steal and pilfer your things before the police arrive.

5. Moisture Damage

Even if you have never witnessed a hurricane or tropical storm, your door is still prone to moisture damage. Areas with high humidity and rainfall, such as the Pacific Northwest, require special doors or frequent replacements.

Make sure to check for moisture damage regularly if you have a wooden entry door. When it absorbs the moisture, it can swell and it will not fit properly within the door frame.

Your door can also start to rot due to moisture damage. When the door deteriorates, it will cascade into many other door problems, including cracks in the door and less overall security for your home.

6. It Gets Jammed or Stuck

Have you ever tried to open a door and find that it is stuck? It can be irritating when opening and closing a door take a lot of effort. The process should be smooth and seamless, especially for your entry door.

If you have a door jam, it may be as simple as getting a door repair to fix the problem. However, if the problem persists, then it may be in your best interest to just replace the door completely.

7. It Needs a Style Update

Sometimes your door can be in perfectly good condition but it just needs a style update. Interior and exterior designs change every few years, so be on the lookout as to which type of door you think would last you the longest.

You should contact a door replacement company to determine which type of door will work best for your home. You can also establish a budget for your front door replacement so that you do not pay more than you can afford.

In addition to more aesthetic appeal, a door update can help you to integrate with the latest technology for doors. You can add smart home features such as a doorbell camera.

Find Your Perfect Door Replacement Today

If you need a front door replacement, you should not have to worry about if it is a good idea. With this handy guide, you can ensure that you are making the investment in a door replacement at the right time.

Would you like to learn more about how to tell when every part of your house needs to be updated? Check out our site for more information and answers to every home improvement question you can think of.


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