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Cynthia is an American model and actress, but you probably know her more as a reality TV show personality.

She has small roles in two movies like Without You I’m Nothing and For Love or Money in the 90s. Cynthia also appeared on The Cosby Show for a while and then finally made her big breakthrough by appearing on The Real Housewives of Atlanta (RHOA).

Everything started when she moved to New York at the age of 18 and started to pursue a career as a model.

How much is Cynthia Bailey’s net worth?

According to the latest news, Cynthia’s net worth is around $2.5 million. The biggest contribution to her net worth is her role in RHOA. For season 12 alone, Cynthia has received around $1.8 million. And that is more money compared to last season, which was $2.2 million.

Furthermore, her many appearances on several TV shows from 2010 until 2019 has certainly increased her net worth by a lot.

Cynthia has opened her own winery business. The bar is called The Bailey Wine Bar and she is also partnering with Seagram in creating a unique drink called a Bellini cocktail.

Cynthia Bailey’s personal life

Cynthia was born in February 19, 1967, in a rural area of Decatur, Alabama. The 53-year-old is now busy with her wine bar, The Bailey Wine Cellar, and is still involved with RHOA.

Once she turned 18, she moved to New York and became a model. As a teenager, she competed in a local beauty pageant. In a huge surprise to everyone attended, she won the competition and became the first African American homecoming queen at her high school.

She embarked on her study at the University of Alabama with the ambition to become just like her grandmother, a successful female black entrepreneur.

In 1996, she dated a former professional basketball player, Jayson Williams. Jayson proposed to her during a halftime show of Brooklyn Nets, but Cynthia rejected the proposal and even returned the engagement ring back to him.

Cynthia then dated Russell Simmons, an entrepreneur, writer, record executive, and film produced. But again, she turned down a marriage proposal from her partner. It’s still unclear why she turned down two marriage proposals back then.

Later in 1999, Cynthia was in a romantic relationship with Leon Preston Robinson, who is an actor and singer. They didn’t get married but Cynthia gave birth to their daughter, Noelle.

Cynthia finally got married to Peter Thomas in 2010. The marriage ceremony was held in the Fernbank Museum of Natural History. If you were a fan of RHOA, you must have seen it on season three of the show.

But the marriage didn’t last long, they publicly announced that they’re getting a divorce back in 2016. They finalized the divorce in 2017. Ever since then, Cynthia is living together with her daughter in a home that the producers of RHOA convinced her to buy.

But that’s not all for her romantic life. In 2019, Cynthia announced that she is in a relationship with Mike Hill, a correspondent for Fox Spots. They became engaged in 2019 and they planned on getting married in October 2020.

Cynthia Bailey’s career highlights

Thanks to her modeling gigs. She got an offer for a small role in a low budget film titled The Dark Power in 1985. And again, for a music video for New Order in 1989.

She started getting more and more offers to appear on TV shows and films, such as Without You I’m Nothing (1990) and The Cosby Show (1990).  Her last role in the 90s was in New York Undercover in 1995.

She then appeared on RHOA in 2010. In this show, she has made the biggest upgrade in her show business career. Using the fame she earned from RHOA, she appeared on many shows in 2015-2019, including Sharknado 4, Star, and Tales.

Closing thoughts on Cynthia Bailey’s net worth

Just like some of the main cast members of RHOA, Cynthia is a self-made millionaire. With her grandmother as the inspiration, she pursue her passion for modeling, acting, and entrepreneur. 

Her first few appearances in the 90s helped to appear on more shows especially on RHOA. With the money that she made from TV shows, films, and music videos, she then realized her dream of running her own business.

Check out her Instagram and see the latest update on her life.


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