How to Make Your Firm Excellent at Recycling


One of the fundamental pillars of going greener as a society is increasing recycling to reduce the need for materials used only once before heading to landfill sites. Many firms operate with some form of a recycling system in place, but they’ll be aware that they could be doing more, if everything fitted together perfectly on the client and partner side.

This guide will explain how you can make your recycling approach as tight and effective as possible, helping to save your firm cash, impress your customers, and save the planet all the while too.

Recycling Systems

Studies show that the lower the effort required to perform a behavior, the more likely we are to perform it. By extension, then, by making recycling easier for every single member of your staff, you’ll make it more likely that they’ll head over to the recycling section of your waste management system instead of tossing materials into a general waste basket.

The key here is to invest in compact waste disposal solutions, such as a baler and black annealed baling wire, which are designed to make recycling management as simple as possible for your staff and as efficient as possible for your business. It may be a steep upfront cost, but it’ll pay off for your firm in the long run.

Teaching Staff

Alongside the need to make it simple and easy for your staff to always think about recycling when they’re throwing away trash, it’s also important that they know what should be recycled and what should not. Here, during the onboarding process, a simple introduction to your waste management system will be vital for all new recruits. For existing members of staff, giving them a nudge – even over a group email – about how you’re hoping to increase the proportion of waste you recycle can go a long way.

Partners and Clients

You will work with many different companies to fulfill your customers’ needs and make your business run smoothly. They’ll come from different sectors, with different internal pressures than your own firm. You may impact their systems and processes by applying gentle pressure on your partner and clients to package their goods in recyclable packaging. You’re looking to recycle as much as possible in your firm, and that means being able to recycle what your clients and partners send you.

Your Goods

If you’re selling goods to the market, you should ensure that everything possible is recyclable. You can do this by following sustainable packaging principles, such as ensuring that no single-use plastics are involved in your manufacturing process or that your wholesale packages are made up of cardboard and no other wasteful materials.

Simple changes to the materials you use and the systems you have in place to get products to consumers will help you ensure your supply chain is as clean and green as possible – something appreciated by a growing proportion of consumers globally.

There you have it: four simple tips to help you ramp up your recycling efforts in the coming year.


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