The 2 Ingredients for Long-Lasting Relationships: Communication and the Best Sexual Machines!


The thrilling journey of exploring your sexuality doesn’t always have to be a lonely one – there is something quite enticing about sharing this experience with your loving partner. You can explore locations, play with sensations and even use the best sexual machine you can find.

But when life, and its burdens, take a toll on your sex routine, not knowing how to express your emotions can lead to bursts of anger and resentment, which could potentially drive a wedge between the partners. 

So how can we make these feelings go away? Jumping back into bed to have more sex can become an unhealthy coping mechanism for couples so it’s best to consider improving the communication between the partners, to achieve a healthy and long-lasting relationship.

Good sex starts outside the bedroom

While bumping uglies with your significant other feels amazing, the true intimacy lies within clear communication, properly set boundaries, and non-judgemental understanding. Good relationships aren’t necessarily made solely in the bedroom — while having a great sex life will maximize the relationship and increase intimacy, there are plenty of other factors to consider to make your relationship thrive. 

Before we proceed on some of the ways you can incorporate sexual machines to improve your sex routine, we will discuss some of the best non-physical ways you can promote a healthy and pleasure-filled relationship.

Communication is key!

Clear communication brings forward understanding and helps both partners avoid playing a constant guessing game regarding their mutual needs. Creating a safe space where you and your partner can openly and concisely communicate your needs, without fear of rejection, is the key to a loving and long-lasting relationship.

Be patient with each other

Discussing sex with your partner will seem awkward the first couple of times, however, starting the conversation outside of the bedroom can help relieve any uneasiness. But still, if this is the first time you are considering having “the talk” with your partner, practicing patience and going slowly will make all the difference.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, so no need to rush into resolving every single aspect of your sex and relationship all at once.

Stay positive

In order to make your partner and yourself comfortable during these, ideally ongoing, conversations – make sure to agree to keep them on a positive note, always. Instead of blaming your significant other, consider positive phrasing as well as I-statements in order to declare what you want – no harsh criticism needed!

Recap the highlights and have fun

Consider discussing your personal favorite sex sessions and highlight what you would love to happen again. By having a concise idea of your mutual needs, you can start creatively adapting them towards your sexual fantasies, and improving the ways you achieve climax together. The goal is to have fun and enjoy yourself and each other while doing this!

Now that we have the foundation covered, we can move forward and discuss the best sexual machines for different types of couples’ play!

Tickle the pleasure pearl

It is no secret that most women can achieve climax only by stimulating the clitoris, so oral sex is a crucial part of any couple’s relationship. Thankfully for the times when your partner needs a time out, there are clitoris-targeting sex machines on the market that allow for mindblowing orgasms and help you and your partner take the party up a notch. 

Regardless if they’re marketed towards women, clitoral stimulators are an excellent way to provide a delightful sensation to your man’s genitals, regardless of whether he likes his scrotum tickled or his prostate milked.

We-Vibe Melt

If you look up sex machines on the internet you will be overwhelmed by the amount of sex machine reviews that include the brand We-Vibe. One of the best sexual machines for solo female masturbation the We-Vibe Melt is a clitoral stimulator, sometimes called a clit sucker, that is made to imitate oral sex. 

Designed with the brand’s own Pleasure Air technology, this toy will suck the stress out of your body one orgasm at a time. The slightly curved design is made with couples in mind, and it can fit between couples in any position, while the convenient shape doesn’t feel overly heavy on the hands – making the Melt versatile to use both during foreplay and intercourse.

The soft silicone body feels amazing against the clitoris, however, there is no need to limit yourself and your partner to clitoral use.

Women can opt to use this toy around the vulva and on the nipples, while men can experiment with the suction around the coronal ridge or frenulum – just make sure to add a pump of lube or use it over your underwear to dampen the suction against the foreskin.

The We-Vibe melt has 12 levels of intensity that can be controlled tia buttons on the base of the toy, or via the brand’s own smartphone app that allows control from anywhere in the world!

Je Joue G-Spot Bullet Vibrator

The handy and sleek G-spot bullet vibrator by Je Joue is one of the most powerful bullet vibes that has ever been made. Discreet and waterproof, the vibrating bullet is designed for internal and external stimulation, making it perfect for couples and users of any gender.

The slightly curved bulbous tip is designed to provide internal rumbly vibrations to the G-spot while doubling up as an excellent prostate massager for male users. Discreet and waterproof, it’s an excellent choice for couples who like to take their sexual pleasure in the bath or shower, while the battery life opens the way to longer experimentation sessions.

Rear entry allowed

Generally, there are a lot of misconceptions regarding anal sex and butt stuff, so it’s natural for people to be afraid of partaking in these acts. Those who haven’t tried it consider it taboo, however, couples who practice anal stuff on the regular, are familiar with tantalizing sensations. 

Many women even opt for anal orgasms instead of clitoral, due to the heightened sensations they offer, but it is the men that truly have the upper hand when it comes to anal orgasms.
The prostate is a major erogenous zone, so by stimulating the G-spot-like pleasure spot located behind the rectum, men can experience intense ejaculative orgasms that will drive both parties wild with thrill.

Butt plugs are the best sex machines for couples to consider and are an excellent way to wean yourself and your partner into anal sex. However, due to anal sex being a socially sensitive topic, make sure you proceed slowly and patiently and give yourself all the time you need to achieve a successful anal session. 

Set up a safe word that will trigger you and your partner to stop all action when necessary, make sure to use lots of lube during anal play, and always start small. Here are some sexual machine reviews that can help you on your way towards anal satisfaction.

Lovense Hush Butt Plug 

Lovense has become a pioneer in making sex machines that feel great. Similar to brands like Lelo and We-vibe, you will find a plethora of sexual machine reviews online that showcase the incredible power of these toys.

An excellent toy for backdoor entry the Lovense Hush butt plug provides strong internal vibrations which are quiet enough that you can wear your app on the go, and your partner can control the vibrations by linking to the Lovense app on their phone.

With an innovative take on the smartphone app, the Lovense Hush not only can be controlled via an app, but you can also synch your vibrating butt plug with music, so you can enjoy the sensation to the beat of your favorite song.

The rechargeable butt plug has a battery that can last up to 2h, so there is no need to worry that it will get depleted mid-orgasm! The flared base and the spiraled ridges on the neck provide easy access with some water-based lube and help the plug stay in place during intercourse.

Great for couples who would like to try out double penetration without the overwhelming dildos, or if you just need a nice prostate stimulator that doesn’t feel overly filling.

Lovehoney Jewelled Metal Butt Plug

Jeweled metal butt plugs are the epitome of beginner anal toys. Made from smooth surgical steel, these sexual machines are body safe and work great for anyone trying out anal toys for the first time. One of the best sex machines for anal use, these little bedazzled plugs are excellent for adding more fullness during penetrative sex!

The Lovehoney Plug has a small tapered tip that allows for easy entry into the anus, and with the help of some lube provides fullness and amplifies the female orgasms tenfold. Great for couples that like to experiment with temperature play, since the metal body can be cooled down or warmed up to body temp for even comfier experiences.

The aesthetically pleasing jewels complement the silver body, making it a great body accessory for anyone who wants to take their pleasure on the go. Great for anyone who wants to dip their toes into the anal-pleasure pool!

Going the distance

Maintaining a long-distance relationship is can be quite a hassle to both partners, and the limited physical connection can leave you touch-starved and depraved of the unique way you can release happy hormones into your body. Video calls can only do so much, but thankfully technology didn’t stop there!

Many brands have opted to implement a Bluetooth feature inside their sexual machines, that connects to a smartphone app to allow control of the toys from anywhere, so now couples in sexual machine reviews are practically raving from the possibility of having sex while in a long-distance relationship. 

Generally, the applications offer more control in terms of patterns and speeds, along with the option to sync to a playlist so the vibrator can buzz along to the beat of the music.

By providing a unique link to your partner, they can take control of your vibrator, playing with the patterns and vibration intensity as they please.

Here are a few noteworthy examples.

Lovense Lush 2

This Lovense Lush 2 internal G-spot vibrator, despite the recent upgrade to version 3.0, is still relevant!  One of the best sex machines on the market, it’s a great option for long-distance couples looking to take their cyber-sex sessions to the next level. 

Providing intense vibrations to the wearer, the Lush 2 has a tail that curls to accommodate virtually any body size, providing either intense G-spot stimulation or powerful prostate massages. If the pre-programmed intensities and patterns do not fit your needs, you and your partner can create custom sensations or choose from a library of customer-generated patterns, from users around the globe.

According to online sex machine revies, the targeted stimulation and focused vibration system are what make this vibrator stand out. Despite the small size, it’s convenient to use for clitoral, vaginal, and anal stimulation, producing powerful rumbly vibrations each session!

To Conclude

While it is true that great sex is the key to a happy relationship, the best foundation for a long-lasting one is proper communication. Being open regarding your needs without criticism towards your partner helps promote understanding in your relationship.

Make sure to validate your and your partner’s needs, by having ongoing conversations regarding your sexual preferences, feelings, and be open to making changes in order to relieve the frustrations.

Sex should be gratifying and pleasurable, not a burden – so try to make yourself and your partner as comfortable as possible when discussing this potentially touchy subject. Not all of us have the same emotional intelligence, so being patient and slowly applying slight changes in your sex routine will help promote better sex.

With this said, you can now try to delve into the journey towards better sex with your partner, bringing forth a deeper connection and great orgasms for both of you!


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