Erika Jayne’s Net Worth

Erika Jayne is a famous reality TV show personality best known for her appearance on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (RHOBH). But she also has a career as a singer and actress.

She made a breakthrough in her singing career by topping the US Billboard Dance Club Songs chart several years ago. Meanwhile, she has kept personal life mostly private.

Secrets to Erika Jayne’s net worth

Erika has successfully diversified her career since she started her career in film and television in the early 90s. She is reportedly having a net worth of $30,000,000.

Looking at her career there two major points in her life that made her big as she is now. First is the release of her single Rolle Coaster in January 2007. The song got really popular and placed first on the Billboard Hot Dance Club Play chart.

She repeated her first success by releasing her second single titled Stars. Again, the song was placed first on the Billboard Hot Dance Club Play chart. The British media started to notice her by inviting her to many shows and interviews.

Erika also did a tour back in 2018. Her live concerts, called Erika Jayne Presents: The Pretty Mess Tour, were quite popular.

Erika also has offered many roles for movies and TV shows since the 90s. Her biggest role is obviously as herself in RHOBH.

She first appeared on season 6 and is still appearing ever since. From the latest report, she gets paid $500,000 per season on RHOBH. There is a high chance that she is going to get a raise considering she is a veteran on the show.

The biggest secret to her net worth is her husband, Tom Girardi. Tom is an attorney and the founder of Girardi & Keese. Tom is a big name in the business, and he has led many cases against mega-corporations in the past.

Erika Jayne’s career highlights

Her hit songs back in 2007 are the biggest highlight of her career as a singer. And her appearance on RHOBH is the biggest highlight of her career in the show business. Two highlights on two different careers are surely impressive for the 49-year-old.

Another highlight that we can’t leave out is her contribution to the community through charities. Erika and her husband started their philanthropy journeys in 2015 by participating in many charity events.

Erika sold dozens of different wardrobes on eBay, including ones worn by her on RHOBH, Grammy Awards, and Billboard Music Awards. From the sales, she donated 10% of it to support LGBTQ charity called GLAAD.

Erika’s personal life

Erika was born on July 10, 1971. Her early life was full of hardship and tragedies. Her biological mother was really tough on her, her mother’s ex-husband abandoned her, and her biological father didn’t think about her at all. She even explained that meeting her father was like meeting a stranger.

Her personal life has gotten better ever since she met her now-husband, Thomas Girardi. Before getting back to perform on stage, Erika used to stay together with her husband at all times.

Recently, she shocked everyone with a steamy picture of herself. Erika posted a picture of her exposed chest on her Instagram. She is very active on Instagram with thousands of posts on the platform, but this one is obviously different.

Another time when Erika was in the spotlight for her personal life was when she revealed how much she spends monthly on clothes and shoes alone. She stated that she spends up to $40,000 a month on items like shoes and clothes. Who knows how much she spends on other things?

Closing thoughts on Erika Jayne’s net worth

Her singing and appearance on RHOBH brought in a lot of money that contribute to her net worth. Her marriage with one of the biggest lawyers in America is also a factor.

Regarding her marriage, she didn’t let her husband’s success to spoil her. After her marriage, Erika stated that she needs to go back to do what she loves, which is performing. And that is admirable considering she could just sit back and relax if she wanted to.

In the future, she plans to keep performing for many years to come. As always check out her Twitter and Instagram accounts to get the latest updates on her life.


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